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Orange fences protecting grass cost Ohio State $5K

Ally Petrillo / Lantern photographer

There’s a cost to the bright orange construction fences all around campus, and it’s not just the sore sight.
The fencing on the Oval, including posts and ropes, cost about $4,700, said Lindsay Komlanc, Ohio State spokeswoman for Administration and Planning, in an email.
The Oval fences came out of the Landscape Services operating budget.
“In many maintenance cases, like on the Oval, it’s our Landscaping Services crew but could be a contractor or Facilities, Design and Construction budget just depending on the nature of the project,” Komlanc said.
However, other projects on campus, such as the fencing along Woody Hayes Drive and around the RPAC, include the cost of fencing in their project budget, Komlanc said.
The fencing is there to allow the grass to regrow, especially after O.A.R.’s performance during Rock the Oval on Oct. 4 and President Barack Obama’s visit on Oct. 9 brought large crowds onto the affected area.
Some students said they understand why the fences are necessary.
“They annoy me right now, but I guess if they have to grow the grass during the winter it’s not as big of a deal. I just hope they’re not there in the spring,” said Kyle Marks, a graduate student in political science.
Other students said it’s important to consider what prospective students will think while vising campus, and think making the grass look presentable will play a significant role.
“It’s presentation of the university, so especially when you’re bringing around people that are looking to come to the university on tours, so I think it’s definitely a good thing to keep campus presentable,” said John Bell, a fourth-year in aviation.
Others however, don’t think that the ends justify the means.
“They have to let the grass grow, I understand that, but it just looks weird,” said Faryn Ash, a first-year in physics.

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