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UK band Morning Parade promoting sound in US, Columbus

Courtesy of Colin Lane

A group of pranksters, Morning Parade is full of “typical Englishmen” who have accents and hate the rain. The group has been making its way around the United States and Europe.

The band’s name stems from bassist Phil Titus and vocalist Steve Sparrow working as laborers into early mornings and traveling to their various jobs. This routine was referred to as the “morning parade.”

The alternative rock band from Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom is touring through the U.S. in promotion of its self-titled debut album, released March 5. It is scheduled to perform as Anberlin’s special guest along with IAMWE Friday at Newport Music Hall. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Sparrow said touring the U.S. has been an intense experience.

“It’s been the craziest and hardest thing we’ve ever attempted to do physically and mentally, but it’s been great,” Sparrow said. “I don’t get too nervous about a show anymore because it’s always been a good time playing out here.”

The group has been touring the country since August, and Sparrow said the band has had to adjust to how large the U.S. is in comparison to Europe.

“The bus rides have definitely been something to get used to,” Sparrow said. “I’m still not used to rides that are 12 or 14 hours long, so I realized truly how much bigger the country is over here.”

Some of Sparrow’s favorite places to play in the U.S. are Chicago and Charleston, S.C., but he said he’s looking forward to his Columbus visit.

“We just want to play in great cities that have a lot of energy and crowds (that) really get into the shows,” Sparrow said. “It’s about having a good time when you’re onstage and the crowd having fun watching us onstage.”

The fun doesn’t stop while the band is off the stage either. The band members like to get into prank wars with each other, Sparrow said. He once pranked a fellow bandmate by convincing him the band had been kicked off a tour.

“It was an awesome joke because we even had the managers involved and really convinced him that we were dropped from the tour and somehow it was all his fault,” Sparrow said. “These guys are my best friends, so I’ve been lucky to have them on tour and to just hang out with them.”

Morning Parade spends most of its time traveling, but Sparrow said once the band is off tour and has more free time it intends to work on writing new music and only headlining a few shows next year.

Marissa Luther, marketing manager at PromoWest Productions, said in an email she expects the bands to bring a large crowd and lots of energy to the show Friday night.

“We have had Anberlin perform here numerous times and Morning Parade has been getting some buzz over the last month,” Luther said. “I definitely think they are one to watch out for.”

Some students are excited about Morning Parade’s performance as well.

“I think they are one of the real up-and-coming bands on the alternative scene and I find it very enjoyable and original,” said Zach Bell, a fourth-year in history. “I think their sound is unique and challenges the established ascetics of popular music.”

Tickets for the show are $17 in advance through Ticketmaster and $20 the day of the show.

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