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Women’s fashion: Rely on the right scarves, gloves, ear warmers to beat the winter chill

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When the cold weather sets in, accessories become an integral part of everyday outfits. Hats, gloves and scarves can become repetitive, but there are always ways to spice these options up.

Beanies are always a great choice for winter wear. Restore a basic one by adding a fur pom pom to be the most chic snow bunny around. You can also opt for a beanie with a Fair Isle print if pom poms aren’t really your thing. Prints in neutral colors, such as navy, gray and cream, are perfect for any snowy day.

Ear warmers make for a warm alternative to hats. They come in plenty of materials including cable knit wool, fleece or even water-wicking material, a fabric that pulls moisture through its thread quickly to not dampen the cloth, for those of you who like to run outside even in the snow. Colors such as maroon, cream or black pair well with any outfit.

Scarves are a key component in the wintertime because they are the warmest and usually the most versatile piece of outerwear. Infinity scarves, or round scarves with no end, are super easy to wear and require almost no effort to style. Simply slip the scarf over your head, bunch it how you like it and you’re good to go. The key to finding a great infinity scarf is usually the bigger the better and making sure the fabric you choose doesn’t itch or pill, which is when bits of fabric ball up on the surface of clothing.

Linen, wool or cotton scarves can work just as well in the wintertime. Depending on the temperature, each fabric will serve a purpose. Opt for wool on days when just stepping outside makes you want to turn around and walk back in your front door. It will keep you the warmest without feeling suffocating. Linen scarves generally don’t breathe as well as cotton, but will work for days when a peacoat is all you need to stay warm. Cotton scarves are generally best for days when the snow is melting and the sun is high.

Gloves have become a never-ending battle now that most preferred phones have touchscreens. Mittens are usually out of the question for obvious reasons, and gloves that claim to be “touchscreen friendly” can be finicky and a problem for the keyboard. Your best bet is probably fingerless gloves or those with convertible mitten tops. It’ll be easy for you to type on your keyboard with little trouble and your hands will stay pretty warm.

Cold weather accessories can be found anywhere, and it’s all about finding the ones that work for you. Knowing your lifestyle and understanding that you need to plan for the unpredictable Ohio weather, turns shopping into a serious spree. Just know that the cold weather doesn’t last forever, so look for items that you’ll want to use again and again.

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