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Women’s fashion: Take on the winter season with trendy outerwear

With the holiday spirit in the air, it’s time to find a chic coat for the winter months. There are plenty of trends in outerwear, including military styles, faux fur and asymmetrical silhouettes. Some of the easiest and most versatile to wear include peacoats, puffer vests and bright colors. Here are some trends that translate from the fashionable city streets to our bustling college campus.

Military inspiration: Double-breasted military-style coats are all the rage among designers such as Burberry, Theory and DKNY. Elaborate metal buttons and an hourglass silhouette give this style its super chic look. A high collar will protect your neck against the cold winter winds and keep you warm even if you forget a scarf. This jacket is perfect for a night out or for walking to class. It can be paired with a holiday cocktail dress or jeans and riding boots. These coats can range in price from $150 for Betsey Johnson to $900 for Burberry. While good quality coats in this style are usually priced around $200, the key in purchasing one of these is to look for something made of mostly wool and less polyester.

Quilted vest: For the warmer days of winter, a quilted vest is a great solution. Vests offer a more casual look and pair well with dark-wash jeans and riding boots. A quilted vest can be worn under a bigger jacket for colder days or over a sweater when an extra warm jacket isn’t necessary. The vest is a popular preppy look, but it can make any outfit an instant classic. This item ranges from $20 at Target to $125 at North Face, but what it’s all about is the down inside the vest – you’ll want to look for natural products such as goose down.

Anorak: An anorak-style, wool coat makes for extremely cozy outerwear, tending to be about hip length and having a hood. Look for coats in bold colors such as golden yellow, ruby red or cerulean. It’s a great alternative to a basic peacoat and fits the country chic trend that’s become popular the past few months. Coupled with some rugged snow boots and leggings, this is a look worthy of the snowiest log cabin vacation. Priced at about $100 for Michael Kors to $650 for Burberry, you can find a fair quality anorak coat for around $100 and sometimes even $50 at brands such as L.L. Bean.

Asymmetrical silhouette: The modern silhouette makes these jackets statement pieces. Styles with zippers and asymmetrical lines are a great way to amp up a basic look such as black pants and a white top. Look for these styles in warm colors such as orange, maroon or camel. Priced more on the expensive side because the style is more avant garde ­- Cole Haan offers these for around $350 – you can also opt for these jackets with detailed accents such as leather hemlines, bold zippers and high collars.

Faux fur: Even for you animal lovers, the fur trend is something you can wear. Faux fur is all the rage for collars, wrist hems and accessory accents. The fur on hoods has been popular in the past few years and is still trending. Prices for items with this accent are totally designer dependent and range from around $30 at Target or Old Navy or $150 for brands such as J. Crew or London Fog. Opt for fur on peacoats, puffer jackets and anorak hoods.

Outerwear is one of the best parts of the winter season. Keeping warm is key, but it’s also important to do it in style. Try plenty of coats before choosing the one that works for you. You might be surprised by what you like. This is the only season when it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

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