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Ohio band The Werks to ‘werk’ way into 2013 with two-night party in Columbus

Courtesy of Dave Obenour

While most will begin ringing in the New Year on Monday evening, Ohio-based band The Werks is beginning the party a day early.

The band, which originally formed in Dayton, is slated to headline a two-night New Year’s Eve celebration, “Werkin’ Into 2013,” Sunday and Monday at the Newport Music Hall. Doors open at 7 p.m.

After a similar two-night stand last year at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, the band decided to move the festivities to another venue.

“This year we decided to do two nights at the Newport, and I’m a Columbus boy myself and I’ve always wanted to headline the Newport for New Year’s Eve,” said drummer, Rob Chafin. “It’s like a dream come true for me.”

For Chafin and the rest of the psychedelic-dance-rock band, playing in Columbus is nothing short of a good time.

“We feel like the Columbus shows always get crazy, the crowd is always so much fun and we’re so stoked for New Years, all of us are, we can feel the buzz growing,” Chafin said.

Marissa Luther, marketing manager at PromoWest Productions, said she also enjoys the band’s New Year’s performances in Columbus.

“We have had it there many times and we enjoy the show and we love to always host the event,” Luther said.

While The Werks are scheduled perform full sets each night, several special guests will accompany them.

“We kind of made it like an indoor festival cause we have a lot of acts playing,” Chafin said. “So it’s going to be a very eclectic crowd, we involve a lot of other bands as well as DJs.”

One act Chafin said he is looking forward to is an appearance on Sunday from Matt Butler of Everyone Orchestra.

“Basically, we’re going do a live improv session with a music conductor,” Chafin said. “Matt Butler is going to conduct us live, it’s really interesting. So he’ll tell us what to do, using a dry erase board and crowd participation and it’s a lot of fun, so that’s a special thing, only the first night.”

Dave Weissman, the band’s publicist, agreed that Matt Butler’s appearance will be a unique part of the night that the crowd won’t see anywhere else.

“That (will be) a really fun improvisational, off the cuffs, guy pointing at you to play in a key, in a style. It’s really dynamic, and there’s nothing like it out there in the music scene,” Weissman said. “I mean you can go see a band play instruments, play a song, but there’s nothing like this where you just get this really spur of the moment improv and it’s really compelling. So I think that will be a really cool highlight.”

Other guests set to appear at “Werkin’ Into 2013″ include Jahman Brahman, Attak/Carma, Eric Evasion, Sassafraz, Cosby Sweater, Oh Kee Pa, Magua, Heady Ruxpin, Meiosis and Jehfekt.

Aside from its varied lineup, Weissman said the two-night stand will be an energetic way to wrap up the year for music lovers or anyone who doesn’t have New Years plans yet.

“I think it will be a fantastic musical evening of entertainment, that can get people grooving, get your heart pumping that would be enjoyable to revel with hundreds, if not thousands of musical fans,” he said. “And that’s really what The Werks are trying to bring, just a way to cap off the year since there’s really not a ton else going on in town in terms of rock music so that’s what they were trying to capitalize on for people who may not have much else going on.”

Chafin agreed.

“It’s going to be a giant dance party with all of your friends,” he said. “What better way to spend New Year’s Eve in Columbus.”

Tickets for Sunday’s show can be purchased in advance through Ticketmaster for $15 or $30 for Monday’s show. Two-night passes are available for $40.

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