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Ohio State men’s basketball tickets an inconvenience for some

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The new way of handling Ohio State men’s basketball student tickets hasn’t been a slam dunk with some students.

This season the OSU Athletic Department changed the way student tickets are distributed. Once purchased, the ticket package was loaded onto a student’s BuckID, eliminating the paper tickets.

The student package cost $123 and includes nine home games throughout the year including games against Associated Press No. 3 ranked Michigan on Jan. 13 and No. 1 Indiana on Feb. 10. The 2,400 available student packages sold out about five minutes after going online Oct. 18.

Assistant Athletic Director Brett Scarbrough said he believes the new process has a smooth transition, but thinks the department still need to make sure students are aware of how to transfer tickets to another user.

“One of the challenges we are working through now is making sure that students understand the process of transferring their ticket for a particular game to another student’s ID,” Scarbrough said in an email.

He said they did run into a few minor problems with the some people who had purchased a ticket from another student because of they did not complete the online process.

However, other students were able to successfully make the transfer.

Rachel Williams, a third-year in marketing, transferred her ticket for the first game and said she likes the new process.

“I think the process is very easy and simple,” Williams said. “I think it’s a great system, thus far, and I hope that people feel as comfortable with the process as I do.”

Emily Cadwallader, a third-year in secondary history and social studies education, said although she is not a fan of the new system she thought the online transfer system went smoother than she expected.

Students such as Brandon Nunn, a third-year in fashion and retail studies, said they were uneasy about the new system when they first heard about it.

However, when Nunn received his ticket for the first home game through a transfer and said it went well, he started to change his mind.

“It’s different from the usual face to face of selling a ticket, but other than that I liked how quick and easy it is to receive after you set up your account,” Nunn said.

Williams said she believes that since students can make the transfer themselves it ends up being safer and helps students avoid the uncomfortable situation of meeting with a stranger.

Cadwallader, however, said the online accounts makes the process difficult for students looking to make some extra money.

“The transfer process makes things more tedious for anyone selling tickets, because you still have to meet up with someone to pay them for your ticket, and then you have to go online and transfer the ticket to your account, rather than just handing over a normal paper ticket,” Cadwallader said.

Williams and Cadwallader said they are both a little uneasy about the system because they don’t get the physical ticket until they get to game.

Nunn said one of his criticisms about the process of putting tickets on BuckIDs is that it makes it harder to bring non-OSU students to the games.

The No. 7 ranked Buckeyes are scheduled to play against UNC Asheville at the Schottenstein Center Saturday at noon. 

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