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Ohio State group Ed2010 preps for magazine careers

Ever wanted to work for a magazine? If you have high hopes to make a career out of writing but lack an idea of how to go about it, Ohio State’s chapter of Ed2010 can help.
The OSU chapter of Ed2010 is designed to help students who want to become magazine writers and editors. Ed2010 originated in 1998 when founder and president Chandra Turner was working as an editorial assistant in New York City. Turner held regular meetings with other magazine workers in order to build a network that allowed the sharing of tips and magazine job news.
The meetings caught on and a national organization was born. Ed2010 has expanded its name with chapters at colleges nationwide.
Turner’s work in New York City is the essence of what Ed2010 is all about, particularly at OSU. Our chapter is fairly new, having started up earlier this school year, but already we have met with the editor of “Columbus Monthly,” Kristen Schmidt. Schmidt provided invaluable advice to the OSU’s Ed2010 group on how to obtain jobs at publications, including tips on building a voice and standing out in a pool of applicants. Not to mention, Ed2010 has held a resume and cover letter workshop for students interested in putting themselves out on the job market soon.
Ed2010 helps students with internships, job news and resumes. As such, when you’re connected to Ed2010, you will have access to up-to-date news on job options at magazine publications in Columbus and nationwide. Becoming a part of Ed2010 at OSU could be the key to your dream job – just attend a meeting.
We’ll be attending the “614 Magazine” New Writers meeting for our next event on Feb. 5, at 6 p.m. at Tree Bar, located in Grandview at 887 Chambers Road. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (@OSU_Ed2010.) For more information, visit Ed2010’s website: www.ed2010.com.

Matthew Lovett is treasurer of Ed2010 at OSU. 

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