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Ohio State students resolve to get fit, improve grades in new year

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Every year as the ball drops, millions across the country promise themselves that their weight will drop too, resolving that with the new year will come a renewed and fitter self.
Ohio State students are no different.
“I go on this crazy diet every year,” said Robert Baccus, a fourth-year in strategic communication. “Last year, it was three months. This year, it’ll probably be longer.”
Other students are planning to take advantage of the university’s gyms to help them keep fit.
Cheng Feng, a second-year graduate student in material science and engineering, said he will keep going to the Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) on West Campus at least twice a week and will have to “get up on time and go to bed on time,” to accomplish his goal.
However, between school, homework and other obligations, it can be hard for some people to stick to their promises.
Time Magazine published a list of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions, which included losing weight and getting fit, quitting smoking, drinking less, saving money and traveling to new places.
Besides being fit, many OSU students are also wishing for a clearer future and better grades in the new year.
Cameron Clark, a second-year in international studies and Japanese, said his New Year’s resolution is to have a more positive attitude and figure out his future.
“I wanna get close to figuring out what I wanna do for a career,” Clark said.
For some, the year’s goals of self improvement begin with hard work at the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, however it didn’t appear many people tried to get a head start for the coming semester.
“In the evening I have anywhere around six people at a time,” said Jennifer Eyer, a library associate, over break. However, she said she expects that number to change once the semester is underway.
Yiwei Liu, a fourth-year in operations management, has been coming to the library since Christmas, because she is working on applying for graduate school.
“I am just going to try my best.” Liu said. “Everybody has (a) different path, but at least I want to try to work hard and see what can come out.”

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