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Women’s fashion: Inauguration Day features Michelle, Sasha, Malia Obama clad with class, color pops

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This year’s Presidential Inauguration was a display of modern American fashion within the first family. The first lady and her two daughters looked stunning in fuchsia, lavender and even some bling. Here are a few key pieces that make up the Inauguration Day “uniform.”

Classic coat: Michelle Obama’s coat designed by Thom Browne was a hit among fashionistas and politicians alike. The navy silk jacquard coat with a checked pattern showcased the first lady’s figure while remaining Capitol Hill conservative. Malia and Sasha Obama donned colorful frocks by J.Crew and Kate Spade, respectively. The classic tailoring of the coats allowed the vibrant colors to take center stage.

Leather gloves: On a crisp January day, nothing keeps hands warmer than a pair of perfect leather gloves. In keeping with the color scheme of blues and purples, the ladies of the first family wore teal, lavender and plum. These pops of color brought some light to the overcast skies that hung above the inauguration site. The colors are a great way to transition from the dreary days of winter to the more vibrant days of spring.

Blingy belt: Michelle Obama found her natural waist with a blingy belt by J.Crew layered above her coat. It was an unexpected fashion moment that fit the first lady perfectly and turned some heads. Belting any coat is an easy way to accentuate a feminine figure in a tasteful way for women of any age. The bold jewels on the belt follow the bold accessories trend for the start of 2013. If you’re looking to try this look on a more colorful coat, I recommend opting for a skinny patent leather belt in a more neutral color.

Cozy scarf: Malia and Sasha wore scarves that fell into the color scheme of their coats at the inauguration on Monday. Malia’s infinity scarf looked flawless over her fuchsia coat. The infinity style can be worn a variety of ways. It can be worn over a coat, under the lapel, wrapped up tight or long and lean.

Colorful tights: Sasha’s lavender tights were paired perfectly with her purple ballet flats and coat. While all part of the same color family, the different shades of purple worked like pops of color that keep the outfit tied together. Purple is one of the few color families that allows for this look to be pulled off so flawlessly. You can also opt for blue or green if that’s more your style.

Inauguration Day celebrates American fashion in a way that few other national events can. It dictates what will be flying off the shelves for the next few months and shows the power that clothing can have in our nation. The well-tailored jackets and bold accessories make for a timeless look that will live on in the National Archives for years to come.

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