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Big Gigantic to bring ‘big, fun, sweaty party’ to Columbus venue

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After becoming roommates in Colorado, two musicians decided the music scene needed what they had to offer.
Electronic music duo Big Gigantic is slated to perform at Newport Music Hall Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. as part of its Winter Tour.
The group formed in 2008 and consists of Dominic Lalli, saxophonist and producer, and Jeremy Salken, drummer. The pair’s sound combines aspects of DJ-based music with live instrumentals.
“(It’s) definitely a party,” Salken said. “When we started (Big Gigantic), that was the whole thing – we wanted to kind of have this upbeat, fun vibe at our shows and make everybody dance and have everybody come out just smiling and sweating.”
Marissa Luther, marketing manager for PromoWest Productions, said this description was on point, as those in attendance should expect “a big, fun, sweaty party.”
Big Gigantic will headline the show, but Manic Focus and Kill Paris will also perform. Both are one-man electronic acts that Salken said Big Gigantic is excited to have on tour.
“We’re really big fans of their tunes and stuff, and we’re really excited about doing shows,” Salken said. “We know they have this whole new vibe going and we’re trying to keep everything current.”
Big Gigantic’s third and latest full-length album, “Nocturnal,” was self-released in January 2012. Though there’s no news of another upcoming album release, Big Gigantic is keeping things current with new tracks and visual displays for the tour.
“We got a bunch of new tunes, we have a new set also – a new light rig – so it looks twice as big as the last one that we did,” Salken said. “Between the new music and the new light rig, they can definitely expect a crazier show.”
Anna Metzger, a fourth-year in human development and family science, said she’s looking forward to hearing the duo’s new music, especially the saxophone, and seeing the visual displays. She attended Big Gigantic’s show in Columbus last February, which Salken said had a surprising turnout.
“Last time we were there it was freaking crazy, literally,” Salken said. “We did not know what to expect and people just blew our minds, honestly. (It was a) super high-energy, super diverse crowd.”
Salken also said he was surprised to see so many teenage fans at the duo’s last Columbus show. Luther, however, said the “younger dance crowd” is common for Big Gigantic.
“The dance kids love the atmosphere that they bring because it’s just a really fun show,” Luther said.
Metzger said she’s been a fan of Big Gigantic since her freshman year of college and has seen several shows. She said she thinks the duo’s music is similar to dubstep, a sub-genre of electronic music with emphasized bass lines, but the atmosphere at their live performances is different from typical dubstep music.
“I think it draws in a way more diverse crowd because people are there to hear the saxophone and all the live music as well as the EDM (electronic dance music),” Metzger said. “I think that is probably the coolest part about them.”
Metzger said EDM is something she thinks people tend to view negatively but that Big Gigantic is an act many audiences can enjoy.
“I feel like anyone can go see them,” Metzger said. “If you like that type of music, obviously it’s easy to like a lot of different artists (of that genre), but I feel like a lot of people that don’t even listen to them could get into it.”
Salken said he’s just happy to be back on tour.
“It’s definitely an honor, we get to kind of live out our dream every night and you really can’t go wrong with that,” Salken said.
Tickets are $18 in advance or $20 at the door.

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