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Commentary: Fall Out Boy announces new music, tour, much to delight of old fans

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If someone were to ask me about my taste in music, my answer would not include Fall Out Boy – ever.
That being said, I have nearly every Fall Out Boy album in its entirety on my iPod. I know all the words, I most likely know what the music video looks like and what the album art is.  
They are a guilty pleasure I could never let go of from my middle school days. I can’t think of a single girl my age whose first bad boy crush wasn’t Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz back when she was 13, unless maybe she went for Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker.
So when Fall Out Boy announced Monday that it would be reuniting, my inner middle schooler was jittery with excitement.  
The band said the tour isn’t a reunion, because Fall Out Boy had never really broken up. On its band page, Fall Out Boy wrote, “When we were kids the only thing that got us through most days was music. It’s why we started Fall Out Boy in the first place. This isn’t a reunion because we never broke up.”
Tour dates for 2013 have already been posted on the band’s website, which include Europe, Australia and the U.S. – meaning cities’ biggest arenas around the globe will be filled with 20-somethings who unashamedly still love Wentz. The tour will be promoting Fall Out Boy’s newest album, “Save Rock and Roll,” set to officially drop in the U.S. on May 6 and 7.
Fall Out Boy’s newest single, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” was posted on Sunday. The name, as per usual, is about as long as the entire song itself.
The song is in the band’s classic style. The punchy “woahs,” occasional screams from guitarist and vocalist Patrick Stump and, of course, a nice angsty chorus line.  
For those who made that glorious trek through the public schooling system in the early 2000s, Fall Out Boy embodied our experience. The melodramatic and (admittedly) slightly theatrical woes we went through were lessened when Fall Out Boy sang lyrics like “I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive (now I only waste it dreaming of you)” in “Of All The Gin Joints In All The World.”
With the love the band received from dedicated fans over the years, it was odd to see the hiatus announcement in 2009, and I for one would like to fault Ashlee Simpson for her Yoko Ono-effect on Wentz.
Simpson and Wentz were married in May 2008, and a little over a year later, in late 2009, the band announced its hiatus. Seems like more than a coincidence to me.  
Now, post-Wentz/Simpson divorce, the band is back together, and after listening to “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up),” it sounds like little has changed.
Wentz might have traded in his long, emo hairstyle for shorter locks, but Stump is still rocking his plethora of hats, and drummer Andy Hurley’s hair is as long as ever.  
So like it or not, Fall Out Boy is touring again. Granted, it probably won’t be breaking any new musical territory or making earth-shattering music, but Fall Out Boy was never really about that. It was about trying to be the original hipsters of middle school, and bonding with others who were just as angsty as you.
Dust off your skinny jeans and those black Converse with the Sharpie drawings, kids. Fall Out Boy is back.  
Fall Out Boy is scheduled to come to Columbus May 17 to perform at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

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