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Record store Lost Weekend Records’ to celebrate 10 years with ‘eclectic’ two-day show


Record geeks and local music lovers will unite for two nights of eclectic live music to celebrate Lost Weekend Records’ 10-year anniversary.

The celebration is scheduled to take place at Ace of Cups on Friday and Saturday.

Owner Kyle Siegrist attributes Lost Weekend Records’ decade of business to understanding certain music trends.

“You hear about stores closing all the time,” Siegrist said. “You have to keep up on stuff. You have to read all kinds of stuff, whether it’s ‘MOJO’ (magazine) … You have to listen to customers, let them tell you what they’re into.” 

According to its website, Lost Weekend Records opened its doors Jan. 16, 2003, out of a small apartment Siegrist was renting at 3341 N. High St. Siegrist moved the store to a much larger location about a year and a half later, to 2960 N. High St. 

Lost Weekend Records specializes in vinyl records of all genres, except electronic, Siegrist said. 

The varied selection at Lost Weekend Records is reflected not only in the store, but also in the lineup of bands for the anniversary shows on Friday and Saturday. 

“I’ve always tried to get five or six bands each night, 10 or 12 total on the weekend, that are bands I like,” Siegrist said. “(The bands) usually are customers or people who support the store, but also an eclectic mix that maybe wouldn’t always play together.”

This is not the first time Siegrist has coordinated a concert for Lost Weekend Records. He hosted a two-year anniversary show for the store and regularly hosts summer concerts as well. As such, Siegrist is experienced in taking charge of concerts. 

“I run a pretty organized show, I keep it really on schedule,” Siegrist said. He plans for each band to play about 45-minute sets. 

Siegrist said the bands will cover a variety of genres. 

“We have a punk band, an Americana band, a cover band, we have straight rock bands, we’ve got noise,” Siegrist said. “We’ve got a lot of variety going on.” 

That Americana band Siegrist mentioned is Harvest Kings, slated to perform first on Friday at 8 p.m. 

The store stocks Harvest Kings’ CD and lead singer John Joseph said Siegrist is a “good friend to the music scene.”

The Nom Tchotchkes, the proclaimed “seventh-grade garage band” by lead singer David Banbury, is slated to perform first on Saturday at 8 p.m. Banbury said he is an old friend of Siegrist’s, and even invited Siegrist to the band’s first live performance. 

There are no headliners for the event. Rather, the bands were scheduled based on its best availability. Bands that draw an older crowd were scheduled earlier rather than later, Siegrist said. 

“The event itself is the headliner,” he said. 

Siegrist did everything to organize the show himself, from booking the bands to booking the venue. 

Both Joseph and Banbury plan to attend both nights of music. 

Joseph said the anniversary show presents a fun opportunity and “it’s exciting to see that many bands.”
Banbury said he uses shows with extensive lineups such as this as a “chance to catch up on other bands.”

Dan Dow, owner of Used Kids Records and acoustic rhythm guitarist for the Nom Tchotchkes, said the anniversary show has “some of the best bands in town.”

The anniversary show this weekend is a community event for customers of Lost Weekend Records as well as the bands performing. Siegrist knows most of the band members performing during the show personally.

“I think every single band has some members that shop here,” Siegrist said.

The Harvest Kings, Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars, The Vague in Color, Red Feathers and The Twits are performing Friday, starting at 8 p.m. 

Nom Tchotchkes, Farnsworth, Second State Butchers, Nervosas, Orson Buggy and Quiet Pepsi are performing on Saturday, also starting at 8 p.m.

DJ Jimmy Clark Black and DJ Uklealia are spinning records between bands. A $5 cover will be charged at the door. Ace of Cups is located at 2619 N. High St. 

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