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Roy G Biv Gallery to showcase works of Sara Drake, Dina Kelberman in February exhibition

Courtesy of James Payne

James Payne, Roy G Biv Gallery director, had been following Sara Drake and Dina Kelberman’s work for a few years, but for comic and digital artists like them, Payne’s gallery wasn’t a typical place to showcase their work.
“I’m not used to showing work in a gallery space,” Drake said. “It’s interesting to see comics in that space.”
Drake and Kelberman are two of the best 20-25 artists Roy G Biv, a nonprofit gallery in the Short North, chose to feature this year. Their work will be shown in the February exhibition, which opened Saturday and runs through Feb. 23.
Although they did not know each other before, Drake and Kelberman are both comic artists and met at a comic expo after they were chosen for the exhibition, Drake said.  
“I am looking forward to seeing her work,” Drake said.
But Kelberman will not be displaying her comics.
“I have mostly digital work,” Kelberman said. She said animated Graphic Interchange Format (GIFs), animations which show multiple frames in sequence mimicking the format of a flipbook, will be included in her display.   
“(Kelberman’s) work really tapped into the world now,” Payne said. “It taps into the day to day reality.”
Kelberman said her digital work is based on imagery found on TV and the Internet.
Even within the comic world, Drake’s work is not the classic comic style. She said she likes to make comics in unconventional ways. She does not use gutters, the black or white space between comic panels.
“I think it’s more experimental,” she said.
Drake said she likes to use humor in her art.
Payne agreed.      
“Humor, you know, is unpretentious, but also has a lot of meaning,” Payne said.
Payne said after jurors selected who would be featured in the gallery this year, he paired which artists would show together.
Roy G Biv Gallery typically focuses on emerging artists, Payne said.
“It’s supposed to be more open than a typical gallery show,” he said.
As with most of Roy G Biv Gallery’s exhibitions, viewers can provide feedback and critique for Drake’s and Kelberman’s work.
At the end of the month, there is an artists’ talk that is open to the public.
“People can come in and talk about their work, and talk about how they feel about their work,” Payne said.
The artists’ talk is scheduled for Feb. 23 at 2:30 p.m.
Roy G Biv Gallery is located at 997 N. High St. The exhibit is free and open to the public. 

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