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Commentary: Despite show’s lack of successful pairings, ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe seems to be in love

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After 16 seasons and proposals followed by 16 break-ups, you might think that everyone would be over “The Bachelor.”

Up until about three seasons ago, I was completely over it and didn’t believe that there was any way contestants would find love on the show. But after watching the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” and seeing 29-year-old Sean Lowe get his heart broken, I wanted nothing more than to watch him find love.

So from the beginning of his run as the latest “Bachelor,” I wanted him to find the love of his life.

About four weeks into the season, I picked out the woman I thought was right for him and got pretty into the show. So it was kind of heartbreaking when he sent 32-year-old AshLee Frazier home the week before Monday night’s finale.

They just seemed so perfect together and I couldn’t picture anyone else to be the girl for him.

After he sent Frazier home I still wanted Lowe to find someone, but I wasn’t as involved as I was before.

During the finale, Lowe got down on one knee and proposed to 26-year-old Catherine Giudici in very typical “Bachelor” form. With a beautiful Thailand sunset in the background, Lowe confessed his love and put a perfect Neil Lane diamond ring on her finger.

I may have been upset by Lowe’s final choice because the girl I wanted to win was sent home, but 24-year-old Lindsay Yenter had her heart broken in the finale when Lowe sent her home. This part was really hard to watch because they were both very emotional.

The hardest part was when Lowe actually told Yenter he loved her – honestly, did he have to rub salt in her wounds?

To me this was kind of like hearing, “I love you, but I don’t love you enough.” This just isn’t something anyone would want to hear, especially not on national television.

After the finale on the “After The Final Rose” special, Lowe and Giudici seemed completely in love and announced they will be showing their wedding on ABC, the network that hosts “The Bachelor.”

Since the pair has already made these wedding plans and seems to be really happy I hope that it works for them. While I haven’t seen every season of the show, with its crumbling stabs at love, I have seen people who are actually in love and I think this couple has something special.

The success rate may be nil, but I love to watch the love stories unfold, even if my emotional attachment leaves me scarred when things don’t work out as I – or even the contestants – hoped.

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