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Lululemon yoga pant recall sheer comfort for cheaper brands

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I openly call myself an extreme fan of yoga pants. They’re comfortable, stretchy, look great with sneakers and hoodies and are just a slight step up from wearing pajamas to class. They’re the perfect way to tell your fellow classmates, “Yes, I just rolled out of bed, but no, I’m not wearing actual pajamas.”
Now, as an extreme fan, I’m also really particular about the yoga pants I buy. You want comfort in your yoga pants, and you want the right fit so you can wear them basically every day and still feel kind of put together.
I personally prefer yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret Pink, Old Navy, Target and Gap, mostly because these are some of the most comfortable ones I’ve found that I can also afford. Yoga pants at those places typically run from about $20 to $50, according to their websites. I also have a weird concern about my yoga pants being a little too sheer. I mean, you never want to be the girl who goes to grab her backpack off the ground and your classmates see a little more than they bargained for.
So when I found out that Lululemon was recalling some of its yoga pants because of sheer fabric, I was actually quite surprised. As a college student, I can’t afford Lululemon yoga pants. I’m sure the quality is worth the money, but running about $70 to $100, they’re just a little out of my price range. So when I think about one of the better quality yoga pants producers making products with sheer fabric, I’m just kind of puzzled. I mean, Lululemon only makes yoga clothes, it should be an expert at it.
As a female college student, I really do rely on yoga pants and leggings most days when I go to class and sometimes work. The last thing I want to worry about is whether my attire is see-through. I was considering investing in some nice Lululemon pants in the future, you know, as a “you survived finals” present or something. But now that I know my undergarments could be shown off to the world, I might reconsider that investment.
Regardless of the recall, I’m sure Lululemon’s business won’t be hurting much in the future. Its credibility with people who do yoga is very high I’m sure. As far as my future yoga purchases, I think I’ll stick to my old favorites.

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