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Ohio State spends $62K on 103 bike racks

MJ Dorony / Lantern reporter

In a project that aims to provide increased safety across campus, 103 new bike racks have been installed at a cost of $62,000.
Lindsay Komlanc, spokeswoman for Ohio State’s Administration and Planning, said the installations across 11 locations on campus were completed on March 22 and funded by Facilities Operations and Development and Transportation & Traffic Management. The bike racks will add an additional 206 spaces in total for bikes.
Komlanc said in an email the Traffic Safety Task Force recommended this project last fall. OSU President E. Gordon Gee formed the task force after a series of traffic accidents occurred during Fall Semester.
“The task force was charged to provide an initial assessment of safety on campus as it relates to pedestrian and vehicular behavior and suggest both short- and long-term solutions,” Komlanc said.
Komlanc said this project was identified as a need that could be addressed quickly, so the university made plans to complete it as soon as possible.
To complement the installation of new bike racks, two new concrete pads were put in place at the 18th Avenue Library and Prior Hall, the Health Sciences library, to make bases that would last longer in supporting the racks.
Thirty-eight bike racks totaling 76 spaces are installed at the northeast corner of Morrill Tower, the most of any location on campus.
Kathleen Morris, a third-year in human resource and mathematics, lives in Morrill Tower and noticed the construction going on in front of the main entrance.
“There would be four bikes on a rack last semester and people would lock bikes onto each other’s bikes,” Morris said. “So it was needed.”
Morris said the construction seemed to be around for a little less than a week and students were forced to change paths in order to get to Morrill Tower, but overall, “it was worth it.”
Komlanc said an installation at each site would take roughly two to three days.
“It’s nice that they put it right in front of the tower so when you walk outside it’s right there for you to get your bike,” Morris said.
Spencer Poulos, a first-year in finance and Morrill Tower resident, will be living off campus next year, but said he is glad there will be more bike racks in the heart of campus.
“When I rode my bike in the fall, there were very few spots available. A lot of the time I would have to bring my bike over to Lincoln Tower and head back to Morrill,” Poulos said.
Other new bike rack locations are the northeast side of McPherson Hall and the northeast corner of the Northwest Parking Garage, with 10 and 24 racks, respectively.

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