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Comedians deliver material with 1-night lifespan

There’s a comedy show in the campus area that guarantees you’ll never see the same show twice.

“15 and Killin’ It” is a five-comedian show that takes place on the third Friday of every month at Wild Goose Creative.

The show is slightly different than other standup shows, as it has one main rule.

“Basically, the premise of the show is we each do 15 minutes of standup material, and then we’ll never perform that show again,” said comedian Sumukh Torgalkar in an interview before Friday’s show. “So the next month you come, you’ll see a totally new 15 minutes of standup comedy material from us.”

At Friday’s “15 and Killin’ It,” the audience of about 40 people heard five comedians’ musings on topics such as gun control, girlfriends and women exposing themselves at music festivals.

“I can never imagine women promoting concerts that way,” said comedian Laura Sanders during her set. “Like, you gotta go see Taylor Swift, there’s gonna be dicks galore. The guys get excited about her music and just whip out their dicks. I saw like 17 of them last night.”

Justin Golak, another comedian featured at the show, gave his thoughts about life and living too long during his set.

“If you’re living really on purpose to live into your 80s, you’re probably not making any memories you’ll worry about forgetting anyway,” Golak said. “It’s not like the doctor says, ‘Looks like you’re getting Alzheimer’s,’ and you’re like, ‘Oh no, I’m going to forget about all that brown rice I ate. Ugh.'”

Together, Torgalkar, Sanders and Golak organize “15 and Killin’ It” and make up the last three slots of every month’s show, with the first two filled by other local comedians the three personally select. Friday’s show featured Joseph Ivan and Chris Coen as guest comedians.

Torgalkar said the rules of the show make it popular with its audience.

“It’s really worked out,” Torgalkar said. “We’ve had great crowds out. A lot of people are really faithful to the show and come every month because it’s fresh and new every time.”

A couple in the audience, Joe Carraway and Kate Gomez, who are from Columbus, said they enjoyed the show.

“It was our first time here,” Carraway said. “We’re going to come back next month. I thought all five comedians were good.”

Gomez agreed.

“I liked it,” she said. “Next time I’m going to bring my grandpa and my aunt and my mom and dad.”

Wild Goose Creative is a multiple-use creative space located at 2491 Summit St. Admission to “15 and Killin’ It” is $8 at the door and $5 in advance. 

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