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Commentary: MTV Movie Awards still casual, cutting-edge show

Courtesy of John Shearer

If award shows were people, the Oscars would be the slightly snobbish and totally exclusive socialite. MTV award shows would be the trendy young person who orders really specific drinks at Starbucks.

The MTV award shows are notoriously more low-key than the rest. Winners take home the Golden Popcorn or Moonman at the MTV Movie Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, respectively. 

The movie awards also have a “Best Scared-As-S**t Performance” category. I don’t anticipate the members of the Academy to vote that into existence for the Oscars anytime soon.  

In keeping up with its trendy reputation, the MTV Movie Awards must always have the funniest up-and-coming host. This year: Rebel Wilson. 

In addition to hosting the show, Wilson was nominated for Best Female Performance and Breakthrough Performance for her role in “Pitch Perfect” as Fat Amy. 

To MTV’s credit, lately it has found comedians on the brink of success, and for some, perhaps the very act of hosting the award show pushed them into success. 

When Aziz Ansari hosted the awards in 2010, MTV, as usual, released spoofed advertisements for the show. For Ansari’s year hosting the show one of those ads ran as “Who is Aziz Ansari?” because for many of us less trendy people, we had no idea, and unfortunately, those ads didn’t help clarify the matter.    

But it did update me on how funny he was going to be. 

Wilson seems to be in a similar position, although she’s more well-known than Ansari was when he hosted. After her role in “Bridesmaids,” the Australian actress and comedian began popping up everywhere. 

People kept referencing this Fat Amy person – whom I didn’t seem to know. Once again, MTV has one-upped me on its knowledge of the next best thing. 

Recently, it was leaked that the “Pitch Perfect” cast might reunite at the MTV Movie Awards, and since then it has been confirmed that the cast (minus lead actress Anna Kendrick) will open the show. 

According to Huffington Post, “Pitch Perfect” director, Jason Moore, has created a musical number for the cast as battling a capella groups. 

Because no one can keep up with pop culture and the best new things like MTV, the performing artists, like the host, have recently shot to stardom. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the masterminds behind “Thrift Shop,” are scheduled to perform at the MTV Movie Awards, as well as Selena Gomez, who will be singing her new single, “Come & Get It.” 

This year’s award show will likely have the usual shenanigans. Floor-length gowns aren’t mandatory, and E! News won’t be tearing apart who was the worst dressed, or at least not like it does with the Oscars or other award shows. Kristen Stewart might rock her Converse All Stars again, and tuxes aren’t required. 

The MTV Movie Awards is scheduled to air live Sunday at 9 p.m. 

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