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Lantern welcomes new crop of editors

With Spring Semester coming to an end, The Lantern newsroom is preparing itself for a slew of new editors, as well as a new editor-in-chief.

Kristen Mitchell, the current campus editor and a third-year in journalism, is taking over as editor-in-chief and said she is ready for her upcoming role as the leader of the newsroom.

“I think that we have a good staff for next year, so I’m excited to see the different stuff that we can do,” she said.

Patrick Maks, the current sports editor and a fourth-year in journalism who will be graduating after Summer Semester, said he has known Mitchell since they took the Lantern Practicum class together in January 2012 and has no worries about her abilities as editor-in-chief.

“It’s really crazy and incredible to see how far she’s come because she works so hard … I think she’s going to do truly an amazing job,” said Maks, who had previously been the assistant sports editor from last May until December.

As editor-in-chief, Mitchell hopes to implement some changes in the newsroom during her tenure.

“I hope that we can broaden the kind of stories that we can write and do different stuff that might have been challenging before,” she said. “I also want to increase our multimedia threat – our goal is to always get more page views, so increasing our online content and reach.”

She also knows that being editor-in-chief is a whole new ball game compared to being campus editor.

“Before, I oversaw a lot of stories, specifically in the content we produce, and now I’ll be working with the staff – it’s a more managerial role,” she said.

Mitchell will be taking the place of outgoing editor-in-chief Ally Marotti, a fourth-year who will be graduating and interning at The Denver Post this summer. Marotti has previously been the campus editor for two quarters during her sophomore year and the copy chief for two quarters during her junior year.

Marotti said she has no worries about Mitchell taking over her spot as head of the newsroom.

“I think she’s going to do great,” Marotti said. “We’ve worked together a lot this year … I know she’s a really hard worker and really passionate.

Marotti and Mitchell collaborated on an 11-part series leading up to the 2012 presidential election that focused on the main issues tied to the election.

Maks said he believes the new staff will continue the level of excellence that The Lantern has exuded.

“It’s a very talented, hardworking staff that’s likely going to continue to raise the bar that I think has been set in previous years,” said the outgoing sports editor. “I know there’s a lot of good people on that because I’ve worked with them, and they’re some of the best journalists I know.”

Many of the editors are no strangers to The Lantern newsroom, and Maks said he thinks this will play a vital role in the newspaper’s success.

“They bring a certain level of experience in knowing what’s expected of Lantern editors,” he said.

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