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Letter to the editor: Appreciate the college experience while you still have the chance

Cody Cousino / Multimedia editor

Letter to the editor:

Even though I will not be graduating in a few short weeks due to the wonderful semester switch, I wanted to say farewell to the greatest four years of my life and want to wish the graduating class nothing but the best.
It seems like yesterday when I was graduating high school and everyone told me that these next four years will be the best years of your life and enjoy them because they go by quick. Of course, just graduating high school you think you’re on the top of the world and ignore everyone’s advice and just want to leave home and get to college. Man, I wish I would have listened to them a little more.
College has taught me a lot of things, like what happens when you’re late paying rent, doing your own laundry is miserable, going to class in sweatpants is acceptable and working around 40 hours a week while taking five classes is worthy of an Olympic gold medal or a national championship. I’ll miss the late-night arguments with friends, the late-night study sessions for an exam, the walk-of-shame sightings the next morning, the overtime thrillers in football and the buzzer beaters in basketball. (Although, I won’t miss the heart attacks that the overtimes and buzzer beaters give me). Let’s be real, I’ll miss knowing it’s springtime when Oval Beach is popping and seeing the preacher on 15th Avenue every day.
Sure, we all have had our fair share of a love-hate relationship with the university, especially when the university doesn’t cancel class due to the weather or when we have Bigggggg Mike, a wanted fugitive in multiple states, or the FBI on campus because of bomb threats. I would not trade this experience for the world.
So here’s to you, class of 2013, may you all take a moment and appreciate what THE Ohio State University has done for each and every one of us. For me personally, without this university I would not be getting an education and an amazing opportunity to grow in the future. But more importantly, without this university, I would not have met some of my best friends.
We all may be heading in different directions after we graduate, but always remember what the Coca-Cola PA during sporting events says, “Wherever you go and whatever you do, there will always be Buckeyes.” I wish all of you the best of luck with what the future holds in store.
How Firm Thy Friendship…

Edina Reo
Fourth-year in strategic communication

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