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The Joy Formidable to play personal, intimate performance for CD102.5 Day

Second Dose on April 6 at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

A concert-goer can feel like just a number in huge arenas, but The Joy Formidable and radio station CD102.5 are looking to change that. 

“I think we can make the biggest spaces feel intimate,” said Rhydian Dafydd, The Joy Formidable’s bassist. “It feels the same regardless of the space.”

The Joy Formidable is scheduled to play at CD102.5 Day: Second Dose on Saturday at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion with The Neighbourhood, Guards and San Cisco.  

In addition to playing at CD102.5 Day: Second Dose, The Joy Formidable is scheduled to play at The Big Room, a space at CD102.5 that houses smaller performances by guest musicians, for a limited number of fans. 

“It’s a chance for listeners to get up close and personal with our favorite artists,” said Lesley James, CD102.5 program director, and “Afternoon Drive” DJ. “Usually we keep it to about 40 winners.”

After the performance in The Big Room, listeners and fans will get a chance to do a meet and greet with the members of the band. 

Keeping the audience in mind, the station kept ticket prices at $5 per ticket. 

“These shows, CD102.5 Day and Summerfest  for that matter, are listener-appreciation shows,” James said. 

Partnering with the radio station is PromoWest Productions.

“We have been doing (CD102.5) Day for a number of years,” said Marissa Luther, marketing manager at PromoWest

The event is focused on the fans, and they responded. Within five hours, tickets were sold out, James said. 

Regardless of the size of the crowd though, Dafydd said the members of The Joy Formidable do not change the way they interact with a crowd or how they structure a performance. 

“We take the same approach with every show,” Dafydd said. “We get consumed and lost in what we’ve written while on stage.”

During the Saturday performance, Dafydd said the band plans to play songs off its newest record “Wolf’s Law,” material from its debut album “The Big Roar” and songs recorded prior to that from live albums and EPs.

“There is definitely something for everybody on this tour,” he said. 

The Joy Formidable’s sophomore effort was released in January. But when CD102.5 was planning and booking the show last fall, “Wolf’s Law” had yet to be released. 

“At that point last year we knew that a new album from The Joy Formidable was in the works,” James said. “The Joy Formidable has always done well on CD102.5. Our listeners just adore them.”

The planning that goes behind both the first and second dose of CD102.5 Day takes months of planning, James said. 

“Back in October we worked extremely hard to secure the acts on the March and April bill,” James said. “First thing first is making sure we can get the acts that we think will really blow up.”

In the past, CD102.5 Day has brought in acts such as The Killers and The Black Keys.

“We are just beyond stoked,” James said. 

For listeners, and those who got tickets before they sold out, The Joy Formidable might surprise the audience with the dialogue it likes to employ during its shows. 

“It’s important to have a discourse with your audience, to encourage people to get involved,” Dafydd said. “We have never wanted to be a spectator sport.”

Just a few months ago, The Joy Formidable surprised fans at one of its shows by calling out one specific audience member. 

“There was this gentlemen who wanted us to ask this lady for him out to the prom,” Dafydd said. “I don’t think he actually expected us to do it.”

But the band enjoys talking with its audience, he said. 

“I think it’s important to not just go up and play a bunch of singles,” Dafydd said. 

Doors for the show are scheduled to open at 5 p.m., and music is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at LC Pavilion, which is located at 405 Neil Ave. 

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