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Commentary: Ohio State grad must be confident, not cocky in ‘Big Brother’ house

A Buckeye is in the “Big Brother” house this summer.

Nick Uhas, an Ohio State graduate, is one of 16 houseguests competing for $500,000 this summer in CBS’s summer-long reality TV show.

The show, which premiered its first episode of its 15th season Wednesday night, follows and records the houseguests’ every move as they align, backstab and pawn each other in hopes of being the last one standing in September’s season finale.

In its 15 seasons, “Big Brother” contestants have hardly varied in personality and predictability. For every beautiful blonde, there is a weird, off-the-wall computer nerd, and coupled with each middle-aged father of three is a ripped, dim-witted surfer dude.

With his admittedly good looks and boyish charm, business brains and rock hard abs, it is likely Uhas was born with a “Big Brother” application in hand. However, there is an equally good chance he may greet host Julie Chen victorious at the end of the summer or be evicted from the house next week.

Listed as an entrepreneur on the “Big Brother” website, Uhas currently lives in Manhattan as a professional stunt inline skater and an automotive product specialist. The latter requires him to travel around the country and talk about cars, he explained in an interview with Big Brother Network, a CBS affiliate website and the leading fan source for the reality TV series.

Born and raised in Hilliard, Ohio, Uhas was “very involved” in his community and athletics, “picking up aggressive inline skating and wrestling at an early age,” according to a press release. He graduated OSU with a 3.92 GPA and a bachelor’s degree in biology as a pre-med major, and then acquired a minor in Economics at Yale University, according to the “Big Brother” website.

When Big Brother Network asked him what kind of “Big Brother” fan he was, he immediately proclaimed himself to be a “super fan,” and admitted that his New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to “completely utilize his full…potential.”

“So yes, rollerblading, stunt rollerblading is very physical. Economics, Yale, pre-med, Ohio State, all of these things, those are mental challenges, you know. I wanted something that is an ‘everything’ challenge, and that is ‘Big Brother,’” Uhas said to Big Brother Network.

Uhas’ charisma and intellect is not the problem for his “Big Brother” game – it’s the fact that he knows and exudes his own strengths. In real life, such confidence would be beneficial in a business setting and in the dating game. In fact, fellow housemate Amanda Zuckerman already confided Uhas’ confidence to be “sexy” and her belief that he is “the most attractive guy in the house” on Wednesday night’s episode. On the flipside, though, Uhas’ confidence is likely to come off as cocky to his opponents, namely the other men.

This season, though, Uhas must not only win over his fellow houseguests, but also the country, as Americans will play a hand in who is evicted from the “Big Brother” house each week. He must keep a good strategic game in front of the other contestants, but also play it sweet and likeable in his diary room confessionals.

With his (almost too) flawless combination of athleticism and intelligence, Uhas will either be the perfect storm or the perfect threat in the “Big Brother” house this summer.

“Big Brother” is scheduled to air 9 p.m. Tuesdays, 9 p.m. Wednesdays and 8 p.m. Sundays on CBS.

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