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Board of Trustees to vote on A&F Emergency Department, Presidential Search Committee to be instated

The Ohio State Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on the naming of a new Wexner Medical Center Emergency Department, the official instatement of the Presidential Search Committee and the construction of several buildings during its meeting Thursday and Friday at the Longaberger Alumni House.

Official instatement of the Presidential Search Committee
The Board is set to vote officially on the establishment and appointment of the Presidential Search Committee Friday.

It is also expected to approve the hiring of a search firm, R. William Funk and Associates, to aid in the process.

The Presidential Search Committee has had two meetings since its first on July 19. It will be hosting a symposium on the University Presidency Friday at 1 p.m. at the Ohio Union, featuring several current and former university presidents who will participate in a discussion about the state of the modern university presidency.

The contract with R. William Funk and Associates and the details of the costs of the symposium were not yet available as of Wednesday afternoon, OSU spokesman Gary Lewis said in an email.

The Abercrombie and Fitch Emergency Department
The new emergency department of the Wexner Medical Center will be located at 460 W. 10th Ave. and may be named the Abercrombie and Fitch Emergency Department, pending a vote by the Board Friday .

The new ER will be a 24/7 facility for the OSU Hospital, the James Cancer Hospital, the Solove Research Institute, the Ross Heart Hospital, the Harding Psychiatric Hospital and the Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital, according to the Board meeting schedule.

Abercrombie and Fitch, which is based in New Albany, has given more than $10 million to the Medical Center in the last few years and helped establish an Abercrombie and Fitch Chair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a position in the College of Medicine.

Construction contract approvals
Kottman Hall and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Library and Student Success Center may soon face renovations, pending a Board vote Friday authorizing Administration and Planning to enter into construction contracts.

The Kottman Hall renovation has a proposed cost of $13.1 million coming from state appropriations, Facilities Operations and Developments funds and general funds, while the CFAES Library and Student Success Center would cost $5.1 million and would come from general funds.

Kottman renovations would involve replacing the windows on three of the floors, renovating the fume hood exhaust and building HVAC systems, roof replacement and creating the ability to provide chilled water to Kottman and Howlett halls and Parker Food Science Building and the Animal Sciences Building.

The renovation on the CFAES Library and Student Success Center would create a new entry to the library adjacent to the eastside entry, as well as computer stations, collaborative rooms, a new larger conference space, wireless networking and new interior finishes and furnishings.

Establishment of an Urban Meyer and Shelly Meyer endowment fund
The Urban F. Meyer III and Shelly M. Meyer Endowment Fund for Cancer Research is set to be established Aug. 30, with nearly $279,000 establishing the endowment and $50,000 total to be committed.

The money is comprised of gifts from colleagues, athletic community members and others to be used for advancing cancer research through “innovative ideas, novel therapies, state-of-the-art technology (and) basic and translational research,” according to the meeting minutes.

Approval of waiving an audit
Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment’s audit requirement may be waived after a Board vote Friday.

Because of the “expense of a full audit” and a “significant restructuring and simplification of (Campus Partners) operations and organizational structure,” OSU Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Business and Finance Geoff Chatas proposed the audit be waived, according to the meeting minutes.

The minutes say the “reduced scope of the affiliate’s activity reduces the university’s financial exposure and the need for a full audit.”

Campus Partners works on revitalizing the campus area, according to its website.

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