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Last call: Charlie Bear to abandon South Campus Gateway

Charlie Bear: Land of Dance, a dance club located in the South Campus Gateway at 1562 N. High St., is relocating to 2885 Olentangy River Road. Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Charlie Bear: Land of Dance, a dance club located in the South Campus Gateway at 1562 N. High St., is relocating to 2885 Olentangy River Road.
Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

It’s nearing closing time at the South Campus Gateway’s “land of dance.”

After rumors swirled on social media regarding the status of Charlie Bear: Land of Dance, a dance club located 1562 N. High St., it was confirmed Thursday afternoon on the club’s Twitter, @CharlieBearCBus, and Facebook page that it is moving to a “new location still very close to campus.”

Matt Bean, Charlie Bear general manager, said Charlie Bear will be moving into the space Cadillac Boo’s, located at 2885 Olentangy River Road, currently occupies. The new space, owned by the same people, is nearly two miles from Charlie Bear’s Gateway location.

Bean said Charlie Bear will move within “the next couple of weeks,” and the decision to move was made about two weeks ago.

OSU spokeswoman for Administration and Planning Lindsay Komlanc confirmed Thursday Charlie Bear is in discussions with South Campus Gateway — which is owned by the university — about its lease, currently not set to expire until January 2016.

Bean did not comment regarding the Gateway contract.

He added there will be some changes in the new location.

“It will look a little differently obviously. The building’s already set up for us, we’ve already been in there for over a year working on it,” Bean said. “We do have a bowling alley now (in the new location), we’ll have a kitchen, pool tables. It’s every bit as big as this place (the Gateway location).”

Bean said Charlie Bear will continue to be a dance club, but the new location will be a better space.

“We wanted to be able to offer something more than we do now. It’s not that far from where we’re at now, so we don’t feel that we’ll have a problem of getting our clientele to come down there,” Bean said.

Cadillac Boo’s will be discontinued, Bean said, adding the reason for choosing that space for Charlie Bear to move into was they “already had that location.”

Sarah Evans, a fourth-year in psychology and criminology, said she was surprised to hear Charlie Bear was moving.

“I don’t think they should move, it’s a really good location where they are,” Evans said. “They’re really fun. I like it there, and (I like) their cheap drinks.”

Others said they really didn’t care if the location changed.

“As long as it’s close to campus, I don’t really mind,” said Sparkle Prater, a second-year in accounting.


Samuel Harrington, Shelby Lum and Kaily Cunningham contributed to this article.


  1. You’re moving from a perfect location to a horrendous one. I predict dire consequences for your business (sorry). You shouldn’t move.

  2. You are moving Charlie bear away from campus to an absolutely inconvenient area. The reason students went to charlie bear is because it was on campus, and convenient, and different than the typical campus bars. I doubt any students will be attending the new location. Maybe if it was downtown.. But this location???? Trash! (and random to say the least)

  3. Doesn’t make any sense. Why would you leave a prime location before your lease runs out? Not to mention, it’s going to be difficult to get the same volume of students to all hop in cabs at 1 am to visit Charlie Bear, when the number of bars in walking distance is astronomical.


  4. Damn, looks like I danced way too hard last weekend. They had to shut the place down.

    Sorry, guys! We’ll miss you, Uncle Chuck.

  5. THE Bar Consultant

    Basic Bar Econ 101-

    -Switch to semesters killed business during the week for bars on campus.

    -Promoting Urban parties and allowing 18 and over are usually the final nails in the proverbial coffin.

  6. Charlie Bear stinks

  7. Bad decision!!! Students will not travel that far.

  8. The decision to move that far will hurt them all around, because they are two store fronts down from NYOH’s, which is legendary for crazy 18+ Thursday nights. The Friday and Saturday crowds are smaller, but likely will not switch to a different bar. Charlie Bear grabbed a chunk of NYOH’s business when they first opened and played mainly country music, but the crowds flocked back to NYOH’s after a while. No other large club has faired well in that shopping center. Momo, Momo2, there have been a few others that have been fairly fly-by-night, like a smoking lounge, a billiards club, etc. NYOH’s attracts the young crowd, mainly by word of mouth, and Woody’s Sports Club attracts your more advanced drinkers.

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