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Artist to showcase labyrinth-like creation in Columbus exhibit ‘No/Where/NOW/Here’

Pieces from Jill Raymundo’s exhibit ‘No/Where/NOW/Here,’ which is set to open Nov. 7 at the Ohio Art League.  Credit: Courtesy of Jill Raymundo

Pieces from Jill Raymundo’s exhibit ‘No/Where/NOW/Here,’ which is set to open Nov. 7 at the Ohio Art League.
Credit: Courtesy of Jill Raymundo

The Ohio Art League’s newest exhibition from artist Jill Raymundo , “No/Where/NOW/Here,” is slated to be somewhat of a labyrinth. Attendees don’t have to worry about actually getting lost, though.

A portion of the inspiration for curator-artist Raymundo’s showing comes from author Jorge Luis Borges’ work “The Garden of Forking Paths.”

“It’s a collection of stories,” Raymundo said. “The underlying story is that these people are in a labyrinth.”

This sense of a maze can be applied in different aspects of this exhibition. There is Raymundo’s work in itself, which in regards to the pieces she contributed to “No/Where/NOW/Here,” invokes a Romanticism influence.

In the paintings of the Romantic period, there is a “sense of a horizon within a horizon. You’re looking at a landscape within an interior,” Raymundo said.

Raymundo’s process as a multimedia artist, who sculpts utilizing certain computer programs among a variety of works, also references this intricate concept.

“In my creations, I’m always working with different kinds of media,” Raymundo said. “It’s a huge element in my work process. You’re constantly opening these different interfaces, and in a way, it’s kind of a labyrinth.”

The show consists of work made in a variety of mediums, but a highlight includes large-scale printsmade by Raymundo, which have been a pursuit of hers in the last two to three years, she said.

“I was originally going to show sculpture and these drawings, that sort of this cloudscape feel that I’ve been working in,” Raymundo said. “My recent work (has) been large-scale prints.”

Alongside Raymundo in this exhibition will be installations by glass artist Linda Diec, some of which are dedicated to pieces comprised of slightly altered and misshapen glass spheres.

“Her work and my work are similar and very dissimilar,” Raymundo said. “It looks good together so aesthetically, so formally, they match up.”

“No/Where/NOW/Here” is considered a member-curated exhibition, indicating the artists involved are all based in Ohio and are members of the Ohio Art League. Exhibitions for the year are voted on by the members twice a year. .

“Artists have to apply to have an exhibition here,” said Emmily Chang, an Ohio Art League intern and a fourth-year in psychology and photography. “We switch shows out here every month. It’s a nice-sized space, artists have a lot of room to work with.”

As a curator and artist in this showing at a space like the Ohio Art League, Raymundo was able to expand her ability to build on the exhibition and her work.

“The gallery is a nonprofit gallery and that it is located within the campus of OSU, it really gave (Linda) and myself, as a curator, the ability to create work that goes just beyond craft and the formalist qualities of visual art,” Raymundo said. “You have more freedom to create within that setting.”

“No/Where/NOW/Here” is set to open Thursday at the Ohio Art League, located at 1552 N. High St. in the South Campus Gateway.

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