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Fashion: Style, safety coincide for Mirror Lake

To ensure you don’t lose any clothing during the Mirror Lake jump, utilize duct tape to secure your shoes, socks or even your shirt.  Credit: Lantern file photo

To ensure you don’t lose any clothing during the Mirror Lake jump, utilize duct tape to secure your shoes, socks or even your shirt.
Credit: Lantern file photo

Every year, students participate in the tradition of leaping into the depths of an icy Mirror Lake in preparation for the game of the year against That Team Up North. This is not a time to bring out your cutest outfits, though — rather, it’s a time to show your creative side with clothes you have little to no attachment to, since they’ll end up ruined anyway. Keep reading to learn how to keep your clothing as protected as possible for the event ahead.

Keep it close

The tighter your clothes, the less likely they are to slide right off your body or weigh you down once you’re actually in the water. To combat the freezing temperatures, leggings are your best bet. If you have available (and are willing to sacrifice) a fitted, long-sleeved shirt, this would also be a good option. If the water’s chill doesn’t factor into your outfit decisions, though, feel free to wear shorts and a tank, or even an old sports bra — as long as what you’re wearing is sitting flat against your body, you shouldn’t be in danger of losing it.

Duct tape is your friend

Even though fitted clothing are usually fine, extra precautions never hurt. Taping your shoes and socks to your feet, your shirt to your body, or really taping anything to anything is a great way to feel safer in your garments as well as add one extra layer of insulation against the cold. This is an especially useful trick if you’re planning on wearing flip-flops, which would likely slide off immediately without some sort of adhesive. There’s no such thing as being too safe, so don’t be afraid to layer the tape on and hope for the best.

The older, the better

You’re likely going to be tossing anything you wear after jumping in Mirror Lake, so why not wear something you were thinking of doing this with already? Whether that means a dingy shirt, or ripped leggings, or those tennis shoes that just don’t fit your feet anymore — as long as you aren’t wearing something you could see yourself wearing again in a normal setting, chances are you’ve made a good choice.

Keep add-ons minimal

Accessorizing for an event like this is a huge liability for anything you could possibly lose during the jump. A wristband allowing you to participate in the Mirror Lake jump should be your only accessory. Any hair accessories, like bandanas or headbands, will easily slip out and sink to the bottom of the cloudy water, never to be seen again. Jewelry will likely be ruined if it even manages to stay attached to your person. If you’re the type of person who can’t live without adding some sort of personal sparkle to your outfit, why not try body paint? Anything related to Ohio State can be the perfect accessory that you won’t feel awful for losing or ruining.

Above all, make sure safety is your No. 1 concern when preparing for the jump. The most stylish people there are going to be the ones who are comfortable and not posing a danger to themselves or others.

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