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Public indecency reported at concert

A 62-year-old man was advised to leave the Welcome Week concert for public indecency Friday.

Two plainclothes officers saw that the man had his hand inside of his pocket and appeared to be moving it while he was watching girls dance nearby, according to a University Police report. When the man saw a uniformed officer nearby, he untucked his shirt and kept his hand in his pocket.

When the officers approached the man and asked for his ID, they realized he had come in contact with police in 2013 when he made female students feel uncomfortable in the Ohio Union. The man tried to speak in sign language but the officers were unable to communicate with him, so they asked him to leave the area.

There were also two reports of disorderly conduct and one assault between Aug. 27 and Wednesday. Two of those incidents took place at hospitals.

The assault was reported Monday at the main hospital in the Wexner Medical Center after a patient who was on special orders got up to use the restroom, according to a police report.

The male patient started to run down a dead end hallway and a male staff member chased after him. The staff member asked the patient to go back to his room, but when they got close to the door, the patient ran again.

When the staff member reached the patient a second time, the patient was cornered. He punched the staff member and knocked him to the ground. The patient was eventually restrained, according to the report. The case was closed.

The first report of disorderly conduct occurred at University Hospital East when a patient who was causing problems refused to leave the emergency department Sunday. He eventually left the lobby but continued to yell at staff members the whole time.

There were five reports of underage offenses between Aug. 27 and Wednesday.

In one instance, an 18-year-old woman was unresponsive and lying on a luggage cart in the Blackwell Inn. A medic from the fire department woke the woman up with a drug that counteracts other substances, and said the use of that drug indicated that she might have ingested a narcotic, according to a police report.

The woman and her friends told police that they had been drinking off campus when the woman got a call from her boyfriend that upset her. After the call, she drank a large glass of an alcoholic beverage and became intoxicated, according to the report.

Her friends took her to the Blackwell to try and stay with her and get a room while she sobered up, but she did not make it past the hotel lobby.

In another report of underage offenses, a passerby called police after they passed a station wagon in the 11th Avenue Parking Garage and suspected that people were drinking inside.

An officer asked the five students — ages 17 to 18 ­— if they had been drinking. Two said they had, but the other three all said they hadn’t been drinking. One of them admitted then that another student had purchased about $50 worth of alcohol for them.

The officer called the father of one of the students, and the group helped officers empty and dispose of the bottles.

There were 22 reports of theft between Aug. 27 and Wednesday.

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