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Letter to the editor: USG asks students to look out for friends, party smart for Mirror Lake jump

Letter to the editor:

Celebrated traditions tie generations together. As a bonding experience between Buckeyes preceding the most rivalrous game in college football, the Mirror Lake jump is now woven into the fabric of our Ohio State experience. We, as Undergraduate Student Government, understand the importance of protecting this tradition and ensuring it remains a viable event for future Buckeyes.

USG sought the opinions of students in response to last year’s changes, and confirmed the will of students to carry forward the jump. Students had opportunities to engage vocally and through social media in discussions surrounding the jump and the involvement of the university. The opinions of all who participated were considered, combined with the input of public health and public safety experts, in the creation of a USG General Assembly resolution that sought to protect the tradition while also ensuring the safety of students. 

It was understood by these senators, and by students who participated in the public forums, that some compromises would need to be made for the jump to continue. Our recommendations included the addition of a supplemental event for food and warmth and a medical personnel presence. Additionally, if wristbands and fences were to be implemented inevitably, USG advocated for expanded wristband distribution locations and times, and an increased number of entry and exit points around the lake. All of these recommendations were included in the university plan. USG has also committed to establishing a student volunteer corps, and implementing an informational social media campaign to communicate university regulations and provide tips to mitigate the risk of injury at the jump. 

We are calling on all students to help protect the tradition by looking out for their friends, partying smart and helping the Buckeyes to victory against that team up north. Through time and change, USG remains committed to advocating for issues that students are passionate about, while remaining true to our mission of ensuring the highest-quality student experience. 

Celia Wright
USG president

Leah Lacure
USG vice president

USG General Assembly

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