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Letter to the editor: Ohio State students should take better care of off-campus streets

Credit: Lantern file photo

Credit: Lantern file photo

Letter to the editor:

As a graduate of the Ohio State University a long time ago, I occasionally get an opportunity to return to Columbus and walk around the old neighborhood. The campus looks really good; there are new buildings galore; it’s all neat and tidy.

Cross High Street, however, and it’s a different story.

It’s hard to believe that Ohio State students, capable of the discipline and toughness to win a national title playing sports, are also capable of leaving large amounts of rubbish in streets, on sidewalks and on front lawns. What is even harder to understand is that the residents of some streets and neighborhoods have so little self-respect that they do not pick up the trash in their own front yards, much less take the time to tidy up the entire block.

How about walking the blocks with a few trash bags some Saturday morning and making it look like you have some pride in your homes?

OSU’s off-campus surroundings are disgusting. C’mon, show some pride, pretty-up your neighborhoods; it doesn’t take much time. Show the world you are proud of Columbus and of the Ohio State University.

Craig M. Wiester


OSU Class of 1968



  1. Craig — This is not an excuse for trash left around, but in regards to cans and bottles left in front yards this is often intentionally done so that the campus bums can come collect them and cash them in.

    And pride in your homes??? You’ve clearly not stepped foot in any of these “homes” as you call it. They are in awful condition, even when kept clean. Most could use major renovation, some even have structural issues which are ignored by landlords. There’s no pride in their “homes” because these are not homes precisely.

  2. Craig,

    Monthly USG sponsors a campus wide clean up in which most the blocks south of lane are cleaned. This didn’t happen this last month due to the cold.

    following the reverlly of the national championship many cans were flipped. There has not been a clean up since that event, explaining the unusually poor off campus condition.

    I’m sure you were a lot of fun in college.

  3. Craig,

    Your anus must be the diameter of a frisbee.

  4. I am lorde, ya ya ya

    Dear Anonymous,

    Your brain must be the diameter of your anus.

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