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Opinion: Leaving the house is key to not being bored at home this summer

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I don’t know about you, but for those of us who for the most part have no car, no job, no money and no friends who are available, summer days can be a real snooze-fest. And I’m talking about after we’ve already slept in past 2 p.m. For those of us who are living with our parents who keep us on lockdown although we’re eager to explore the adulthood we claim to have reached, the boredom is ultimately real.

Let’s face it. There are only so many times we can re-read the Harry Potter series and re-watch Gossip Girl. Our butts are getting sore from lying about all day and our fingers weary from being extra clingy to our laptops and phones.

So how do we beat the boredom of staying home alone?

Leave. Literally, just leave.

Go on a run or a walk, ride a bike, teach yourself how to skateboard or rollerblade. Are the kids these days even rollerblading anymore? Get your workout done outdoors on a bright, sunny day with fresh air to cool you down. If you have a local pool, go for a swim.

Another way to get out of the house is volunteering around your neighborhood or city. Advertise for dog-walking, or cat-sitting, or helping around a house. Giving back to the community is one of my favorite ways to show appreciation for the places and people around me that helped make up so much of who I am today. Find a topic or place of interest to you and call to see if they have any volunteering opportunities. If you’re without transportation, discuss if there’s anyone who works or volunteers that also lives in your area to carpool. This encounter might have to happen a few times after meeting this person face to face so that both of you can be certain that neither of you is a creeper.

If there are a lot of kids in your area who love being outside—join them! This might sound like rock-bottom desperation, but you might actually have fun. You could form some type of little league sports team with the kids in your neighborhood and fill the role of a coach, dividing the group into two teams and planning which activity or sport you all could play for that day. Let’s be honest, we’re all kids at heart, so let’s find an excuse to let it out.

If you find yourself bored out of your mind this summer, channel your inner creativity. Even if stuck inside, have fun by making a new recipe, doing your own research on a random topic you love, belting out Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman” into a hairbrush microphone, making a YouTube channel or starting a blog where you can vent about your boredom. The possibilities for your imagination are endless.

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