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Harry’s Style: Students sport many styles, including grunge

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Xu

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Xu

What a glamourous first week of style we had to start off the semester, Buckeyes! I saw some pretty fabulous outfits. I wanted to go up and tell each and every one of you guys that your outfits were so on point.  

There are so many different types of fashion styles on campus — edgy, chic, glamorous and every college student’s favorite: simplistic.  The style choice is ultimately up to you, but sometimes we just do not know where to get those clothes. That’s where I come in.

Sara Moziejko, a fourth-year in neuroscience and engineering, told me she really likes the grunge fashion style, which is in style right now and some people call it a style that was typically associated with the 90s.

“I really like the flannel clothes and Converse shoes,” Moziejko said, adding that she’s also a fan of the color black and choker necklaces.

Moziejko’s favorite stores to shop at for her grunge style are Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe and Pac Sun.  She also said, “If you want to splurge once, go to Urban Outfitters.”  

The grunge fashion style can be described as the messy “I don’t care” look, with a little bit of punk influence.  Matching and looking put-together doesn’t matter when it comes to grunge.  

After talking with Moziejko and looking at the different styles out there, it is all about being you.  Fashion style represents you and there are plenty of affordable places to get any look  — whether it be edgy or bohemian, simple or ornate.  Be who you are, the only person’s opinion who matters is yours. I will leave you with a quote from designer and editor of “The Zoe Report,” Rachel Zoe. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” she said.  

Go rock your fabulous style, and be the confident person you were meant to be.  

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