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Singer Justin Bieber performs on the Today Show Concert Series in New York City on September 10. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Opinion: Justin Bieber is the comeback kid

The boy next door. Just a kid taking the music scene by storm.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anyone use these words to describe the hot mess that is Justin Bieber. Every mistake he has made is constantly plastered across TV screens and mocked on radio shows.

No one spares any expense when compiling the perfect Bieber jokes — whether it is about his claim that his ankle hurts too much to perform simple community service or his whiney complaints when he had to stand among “normal people” in a crowd at Coachella. He has clearly made poor decisions and the media has captured every second of his immature attempts at fulfilling a real college experience — minus the actual college part.

However, if you still think of Bieber as a 16-year-old boy or as a dumb teenager breaking the law, it’s time to pay your respects.

Bieber is now The Comeback Kid.

The singer has been working hard on his comeback, maturing in his persona as well as his music. The release of “Where Are Ü Now” gave listeners a small taste of his recent efforts to change his image.

The song features Jack Ü and some rhythmic beats that no college student can easily resist. In addition, the 21 year old’s newest release of “What Do You Mean?” earned him the title of the youngest male artist to ever snag No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and even made it to the top of the charts in 89 different countries.

The focus on Bieber’s sincerity began after he took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards this year. He revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that he was expecting to be booed as he had the last time he performed at an award show.

Plot twist: He actually earned himself a standing ovation as the crowd acknowledged his genuine efforts in both his performance and attempted redemption.

The moral of the story is that the boy next door has been through a lot. He’s seen how the pressures of the music industry and publicity can turn anyone into an embarrassment.

Bieber is working on his comeback though, so you might as well stay tuned for the release of the new album on November 13.

Following suit, if Bieber continues to remain honest with both his fans and the tabloids, his luck may just take a turn for the best.


  1. I can hardly believe Justin Bieber warrants an opinion piece in a major college newspaper’s website.

    • It’s op/ed in arts and Entertainment. Absolutely fits this placement and a well written article..

      • Ok, in all seriousness: Nicole is a good writer. She wouldn’t be writing for The Lantern if she wasn’t. So, my comment isn’t about talent. And I honestly want to know your opinion (or anyone else’s who sees this – Nicole?): is Justin Bieber someone college students care about/follow/listen to? Full disclosure – back in my days at OSU, I bought a (gulp) Debbie Gibson cassette. And I liked a lot of it. But, seriously, I wouldn’t have ever expected The Lantern to write about her. Back then, it was all about REM and bands like that, if The Lantern wrote about them at all. So, I am humbly willing to hear what I may not want to hear: OSU students love Justin Bieber. Do they?

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