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Letter to the Editor: Why more students should care about climate change

Courtesy of TNS

Courtesy of TNS

Many students believe that climate change will only affect future generations. I’m here to tell you that that is not the case. Climate change will affect every single person across the globe today, and for the rest of our lives, regardless of major or political affiliation. It is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, and action must be taken immediately.

In the past decade, we have seen trends of more severe storms, flash flooding and wind damage, most notably from storms such as Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Joaquin. Not only are these trends occurring in the United States, but effects are being seen across the globe.  

The issue of climate change might be controversial, but I have recently learned that 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists agree that the increased warming of the Earth is caused by humans. Even some GOP candidates agree that climate change is happening, but are not as aggressive in making the necessary changes. In the past, the international community has been unsuccessful to create solutions to the problem.

This year is different. In December, there is going to be a United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. There, world leaders will gather to negotiate a global, binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will be historic for the environmental movement, if it is successful. For the first time, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will be in attendance.

The Climate Reality Project is starting a new campaign around the summit. Students at Ohio State are joining the movement, along with students from across the country, by signing a petition to show President Barack Obama that we support his efforts and want him to be a leader at the summit. Our goal is to get 5,000 signatures from OSU, with a national goal of 50,000. You can add your name to our list. If you see us on campus, come sign the petition and show the world that you believe this is a very pressing issue that needs to be dealt with starting today.


Holly Stahl

Second-year in climatology

Climate Reality Project intern


  1. Sounds like you are just trying to justify your major and future job prospects. Yes, climate is changing. and yes, we should be looking into lessening our impact. But let’s not let the past 5 mil years affect our thinking on the topic.

  2. What happened to “global winter” back in the 1970s when I was a graduate student? What happened to “global warming” of just a few years ago. Now it’s called “climate change”. Hmmm. Maybe the “science” is not as settled as is purported.

    Climate changes. It’s called WEATHER. That, coupled with variations in the different solar cycles (yes, plural), we are bound to have climate, er, weather, changes. Such changes were taking place thousands and most likely millions of years prior to the relatively recent appearance of humans on the planet. I wonder what caused those changes? Weather? Solar cycles? Volcanic emissions?

    As for the “…97 percent of the world’s climate scientists agree that the increased warming of the Earth is caused by humans.” statement, that reminds me of similar situations in the days of Copurnicus, Columbus, Newton, Temin, et al. Are we now in the era of science by concensus? Is that real science?

    Sorry, but I’m not getting alarmed about this, either for me, my kids, my grandkids, or my great grandkids. Climate is going to change for all of us. What is NOT settled is just what small fraction of it is caused by human activities.

  3. The real “concern” should be over the radicalization of scientists, and the bribery of Government Grants. Federal courts [with no constitutional amendment as is required] have altered the 1st amendments guarantee of free exercise of, and freedom of religion. Our earliest congress authorized funds to print and distribute Bibles. Religious services were held in the Capitol building. Our Founders acknowledged a “Theist” government for a nation comprised 95+% by Christians. There was no “neutral doctrine” as has been manufactured by the courts.

    Lawlessness and corruption run amok among our government officeholders, and increasingly among our people. It is no wonder students like Holly Stahl are so easily indoctrinated. Dr. Jennings was OSU’s last decent president. I hope and pray that our people will experience one more Great Awakening. For without one, I doubt our constitutional republic may ever be restored.

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