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Sex Talk: Opening up communication

Greetings! This week I have a wonderful, joyous announcement. It’s the moment you have all been waiting for – I am very happy and excited to announce that this very column has an ask.fm account!

Many weeks ago when this sex column began, you may remember that I wanted to open discussion about sexuality and other related things, rather than just me providing opinions from my own limited perspective. I want to hear from my readers! What do you want me to talk about? What topics related to sex do you think are widely ignored or misunderstood? Do you have any questions or need advice about sex? If yes, then by all means, post them to ask.fm/lanternsextalk.

I’m not sure how popular ask.fm is nowadays, but for those who may be unfamiliar, it is a website where you may submit anonymous (or non-anonymous) questions to someone with an account. This way, since I know some people still get a little embarrassed, anyone can send me a sexy topic suggestion without fear!

I also encourage you guys to post comments there if anything strikes you in my columns. Unfortunately, I am not perfect and I can make mistakes, or sometimes I just need a new perspective on a subject that I may not have thought of before.

Now, I am no stranger to the internet. I know what happens when people are given the power of anonymity. But I do sincerely hope that this feature will help my column become more inclusive and hopefully, better as a whole.

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