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Sex Talk: Sex toys and you, an introduction

Mankind is a highly inventive and creative species. Couple this with it’s sex drive, and you get the sex toy.

If you are reading this, you may be thinking, “I am but a poor college student! What business have I buying such trinkets?” Well, I bring good news to you, because toys can be much more affordable than you might know.

Not only can they be affordable, but the sheer variety is something to behold. There is a toy for everything – functions of the body that I didn’t previously think possible or existed (like a clitoral pump!). And buying sex toys isn’t just for lonely people who can’t get a date. They can be for everyone of all walks of life. They can also be incorporated into sex with another person. Like I said, there is a toy for everything.

However, if you are on a budget and don’t think you have time or money to invest in a fancy, bells-and-whistles mechanism, there are numerous cheap hacks. For example, handcuffs are a cheap and fun option for couples. Or, if you want a new fun way to have safer sex, try a latex or nitrile glove with lubricant.

If you are new to sex toys and you’re a little nervous to get into it, not to fear! Many companies actually make vibrators and other toys for “beginners.”

If you are interested in one for yourself but you want more information, I highly suggest taking a trip to your local sex shop. Employees there are always super cool and understanding and you can talk with them about what is out there that could be right for you.

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