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Letter to the Editor: An end to Mirror Lake is an end of traditions

opedmirrorlake1-min Since the Mirror Lake jump started, I am the fifth member of my family to attend Ohio State. Before that, both of my parents attended OSU, which is where they met. I grew up in a house where I knew “Carmen Ohio” before the national anthem. All this being said, traditions are something that mean a lot to me and my family at OSU. No one in my family cares much about the jump, but we do care about a lot of other traditions that could end because of Mirror Lake closing, such as Off the Lake productions and Ohio Staters’ annual Light Up the Lake.  The administration says they are renovating it, but as someone who knows OSU pretty well, I have a hard time believing they will really preserve the area as well as they claim. There are things people count on not to change, and Mirror Lake should be one of them. There are ways to make the area more environmentally sustainable without completely destroying what we know to be Mirror Lake. And, some additional important input from my mother: “Where will Afroduck go?”

I have a picture taken of myself at age 2 and a picture mirroring the image at age 17, when I decided to attend OSU. I plan on graduating from this institution in 2019, and had planned on recreating this photo in a cap and gown. But now, that tradition, as well as many more, will end.

Kathryn Yatsko.4
Second-year in mechanical engineering


  1. I don’t think they care about what the students and alum feel, they just wanted to make money. That’s all it is anymore. It’s sad.

    • I wasn’t necessarily talking about the Mirror Lake jump. I was talking about traditions period. They seem to not care about them anymore if they can do something to make money but have to end a tradition in order to do so.

      And “nope”, if you read her letter, she said that her and her family don’t really care about the jump. She just wanted to take that same picture in a cap and gown. Maybe YOU should read a little better.

  2. This… literally, what? So sloppy. So messy. Read the renovation plan. And then read the story about the young man who died in the jump last fall. You are so uninformed it’s honestly insane the lantern published your trash letter

  3. Oh Boo-Hoo. There are bigger things to worry about than a single pond being renovated. You’re literally up in arms because you won’t be able to post an instagram collage once you graduate. Really? This was a dangerous tradition to start with. I’m surprised no one had died before the incident that occurred last fall. It’s a shame the Lantern allowed you to post this selfish piece of trash.

  4. Is this real life?

    Are you for real? How can you be this tone deaf?
    Everyone understands why this is happening and it isn’t about saving money, its about saving face because it didn’t happen sooner and a fellow Buckeye DIED as a result.
    Spare me the “I bleed Scarlet and Grey but I also don’t trust a thing OSU selectively when what they do doesn’t fit my personal needs/wants narrative.”
    I’m sorry your perfect little picture will now have to wait until there are real wetlands and it actually looks more natural.
    Wonder how Austin’s parents feel about his OSU graduation photo they will never have, huh?

    • Personally, I think this letter is fantastic. She isn’t talking about the jump, she was simply talking about Mirror Lake itself, which is easily one of the best places on campus. There are many traditions associated with Mirror Lake that are going to end, and that’s really what she was getting at. As far as her pictures go, stop berating her simply because she wanted to make more memories with a place that has had an impact in her life. She wanted to be able to see how as she grew up, Mirror Lake stayed constant. I distrust this administration too, and I bleed Scarlet and Grey; it’s natural. This administration his been translucent at best; always working behind closed doors and not informing its students what is going on until its too late. They have the right to do this, of course, but you can’t do the things that they are doing and expect not to have students complain and fight them on it. Like I said at the start, this is a great letter, and to the people calling it tone deaf: how tone deaf do you have to be to only believe that this letter was talking about the Jump?

      • Oh please, its totally about the Jump. I don’t trust the administration either… like, I don’t trust that they didn’t have the courage to take on the undergrads and stop the jump before someone died because of it.

        How about you read the actual plans to change Mirror Lake, which essentially amounts to returning it to wetlands, as it used to be? So, what is more important tradition, facilitating a bunch of drunken idiots (primarily greek) destroying that area on a yearly basis with mob like behavior, or making sure that “one of the best places on campus” remains environmentally sound and sustainable (you know, the way it was before the Jump became a “tradition”)?

        The better question is how exactly are you related/connected to the author? Because you have to not only be deaf, but blind and stupid to not know this article is a poorly veiled excuse to whine about the Jump.

        Someone died.

  5. Do you not like the new plans for Mirror Lake or simply think they should have waited until you graduated to start construction?

    When I was enrolled at OSU, I built a lot of memories in the old Ohio Union. They tore that down and there was no Union for over 3 years. I felt a bit bittersweet about it, since the old building had sentimental attachment for me. There are things about the new union that I miss, but overall I’m pleased with the results. Do you feel the same way about Mirror Lake? Future students are going to (hopefully) get a nicer and better lake just like they got a nicer and better Ohio Union.

    The construction is projected to be finished in 2018, and you are projected to graduate in 2019. How exciting will it be to take a photo that is not an exact copy of the previous two, but from the same perspective on the edge of the new lake? I think it would be quite dramatic: the change in yourself from your time at OSU mirrored in the change in the terrain.

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