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Local record label puts artists first

Listen to local acts TRiBE and PZA PRTY, and one might not hear much resemblance, but Stray Soul Entertainment does. TRiBE, a low-fi hip-hop group, and PZA PRTY, an experimental trip-hop duo, were both signed by Stray Soul for their alternative styles. The Columbus-based record ...

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Changes: Tupac Shakur 20 years later

While in elementary school, Tupac Shakur organized a boycott to support a teacher who was fired because of the school’s financial issues. Later, as a high-school student, he led rallies for AIDS awareness and spoke out against violence in inner-city neighborhoods. At 19, he released ...

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Album review: Kendrick has important leftover thoughts

Back in December 2014, Kendrick Lamar intensified the thirst for his sophomore album, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” the rapper’s magnum opus (thus far), with the debut of an untitled track on “The Colbert Report.” This performance followed up his first official single: the upbeat, 21st-century ...

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