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Pauline, Goodman win USG election

Angela Hampton

Eddie Pauline and Mike Goodman were announced to be president and vice-president for the 2002-2003 school year.

Results of the Undergraduate Student Government election were announced this morning shortly after midnight before a crowd of about 125 people.

“We are ecstatic. We were very worried this year but were confident,” said Pauline, a senior in political science and geology and the incumbent USG president.

Pauline and Goodman, a sophomore in finance, erupted in cheers when the results were announced.

“We have had so much support. It is great to see this outcome,” Pauline said.

A group of about 30 people starting hugging and embracing in celebration around Pauline and Goodman once the announcement was made.

Their opponents, while disappointed, voiced support for Pauline and Goodman.

“The numbers don’t matter. We still won regardless of the outcome,” said presidential candidate Ida Abdalkhani, a senior in marketing and interactive communications.

Fewer than 6,500 people voted this year – 1,700 fewer than last year.

The Pauline-Goodman ticket received just more than 3,200 votes, while Abdalkhani and running mate German Trejo received just over half that number. Presidential candidate Jim Ehrman and running mate Doug Johnston received more than 800 votes, while more than 300 students voted for write-in candidates.

The Abdalkhani-Trejo team is planning to contest the results. They said they believe the Pauline-Goodman team misrepresented themselves to sponsors and that the team received contributions against EGB bylaws.

“They made it seem like they were getting these things for USG, but they were using them for their specific campaign,” said Trejo, a senior in architecture.

Before the winners were announced, three hearings were held before the Elections Governance Board.

The first hearing was against Pauline and Goodman. They were accused of campaigning early with an e-mail that was sent out before April 1. The candidates were found not to be in violation.

The second hearing was against the Pauline-Goodman team as well. It was accused of campaigning via e-mail during the third week of spring quarter. The candidates were again found not to be in violation.

The Abdalkhani-Trejo ticket was the focus of the third hearing, accused of campaigning during the third week of spring quarter by e-mail. They were found to be in violation, and they received a formal warning. However, no votes were taken away.

Only a small percentage of the Ohio State student body, voted in the four-day online election held April 15-18.

There were several reasons why students didn’t vote in the election.

“I didn’t know when or where it was,” said Clinton Norris, a senior in mechanical engineering. “I live off-campus. Plus, I am just really busy.”

Other students had different reasons for not voting.

“It doesn’t affect me, and it really doesn’t affect my life,” said Randi Rich, an undecided sophomore. “Why should I waste my time?”

April Heinrich, a senior in African American studies agreed.

“USG has nothing to do with my everyday experience on campus. I don’t even know what they do,” Heinrich said.

Some students did find time to vote.

“I think that it is important to get out there and make your voice heard,” said Laura Lopez, a senior in family resource management. “I voted in order to pick a candidate that I felt would best represent students and their concerns.”

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