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Iraq, N. Korea need different plans

The Oct. 30 editorial “Double Standard” very ignorantly expresses an opinion concerning the treatment of North Korea and Iraq by President Bush, saying they should be treated with equal hostility.

The argument is not viable, and it can be refuted by statements within the article such as: North Korea admitted to its construction of weaponry; “Iraq is more likely to use its weapons than North Korea,” and we don’t even know if Iraq possesses such weapons. All these are points stated in this article.

These are the exact reasons why Iraq should be treated differently. We don’t know if Iraq possess such weapons, because the government won’t allow inspectors to inspect their facilities. North Korea is not trying to hide anything or be evasive in its tactics. One must also consider that Iraq is a much greater threat to the world right now.

Of course we should deal with these two countries differently. You cannot be diplomatic with a proven terror like Saddam Hussein, who resents us probably more than we do him. It would be foolish to treat a non-threat the same as a serious threat. It appears this article is looking to attack Bush without a forethought about his reasons.

Craig Grimesstudent in geological sciences

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