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Many moons ago, I was asked to sit in as a substitute for Professor Larry Anderson for a meeting in the design phase of RPAC. We were shown pictures of a glass building with sweeping vistas and wide-open spaces. I made three comments at the time. 1) While aesthetically pleasing, the vast open spaces would be inefficient and expensive to heat and cool. 2) The vast open spaces would minimize the utility of the building (less space for equipment and gyms) and 3) The racquetball area should only have one exhibition court. The end result shows you how much influence I had at the time – none. It made me laugh out loud to read the article entitled “RPAC plans to save energy,” because I remember feeling like a leper after originally making the comments almost 10 years ago. And, needless to say, I wasn’t invited back for any subsequent meetings.

John Herrington

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