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Drunken hookup independence

I am all for the drunken hook-up. Let’s be real; it’s fun, releases energy, and it’s certainly not as loaded as actually pursuing someone. Seriously, I am all about it! To get trashed and hook-up post break-up or just because you feel like having a good time with no strings attached is pretty awesome. The one thing I am not about when it comes to drunken hook-ups, however, is dependency. To make the drunken hook-up your only means of “getting some” is straight up lame.

But first, let’s be real. Pursuing someone sober is scary and there is no excuse that “I was drunk” if you get rejected. Plus, relationships are a pain in the ass, break-ups are painful, girls are crazy bitches, and boys are inconsiderate assholes. I grant all of this to you. But after a handful of one-night stands, the drunken hook-up gets more than boring, it becomes meaningless.

To the people who secretly or not so secretly are looking for a meaningful relationship, I have some advice for you that might help in your search for love. “Grow some balls!”

So how does one grow some? You take a risk. You call the person or ask them to coffee. If you befriend them on Facebook, you message them and instigate a dialogue… soberly. I find it interesting that outside of our interpersonal lives we are willing to take much greater risks.

We smoke pot in the dorms, buy liquor with a fake ID, drive high, drive “tipsy,” cheat on tests, sky dive, all things that could possibly really **** up our future. But when it comes to asking a girl or boy to go to The Oval or to get a drink we can’t even muster up the courage.

In my opinion, it is more than okay to hit on someone after having a few drinks. I mean come on, we’re all 18-22, we’re not exactly socially graceful yet. So to take the edge off the initial approach is fine by me. But after the first interaction, I assure you that if you wait until next Saturday night to drunkenly call the person to hook up, the chances of the relationship going anywhere is royally ****ed.

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