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Hollywood film debuts in Columbus

Why is the Drexel Theatre showing a film produced six years ago, given an award for being the worst film of its year?

Drexel owner Jeff Frank said “The Room” is kind of a cult film that took longer than the typical Hollywood film to gain appreciation and that he expects Columbus to support it.

Sometimes called the Citizen Kane of bad movies, the fan following has grown as the movie aged.

“This movie is so bad, it’s hysterical,” Frank said.

Frank said the director, Tommy Wiseau, was not trying to make it a comedy but that’s how it turned out.

Frank said employees and customers were very enthusiastic about “The Room” so he researched it.

“I called a theatre in Portland, Oregon showing it,” Frank said. “I asked them about how well it was doing and they said, ‘Get it.'”

Frank said he is excited to be the first theatre in Ohio to show “The Room.”

Showings will be Friday and Saturday at midnight and Sunday at 9:30 p.m. with public tickets priced at $6.50 and students tickets at $5.50.

Directed, produced and performed by unknown Tommy Wiseau, “The Room” is a romantic drama about a love triangle between a man, fiancee and best friend.

“It’s a fun way to spend 100 minutes in the dark with an audience,” Frank said. “It is comical with dreadful acting, subpar screenplay and a plot with no direction.”

Rated R for sexuality, language and brief nudity, “The Room” is an American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies.

“Everyone will view this film differently,” Frank said. “I think they will either love it or hate it.”

On “The Room’s” worst film award, Frank said there is no rule that says a film has to come out the Hollywood way.

“It took a while for the movie to build up a following but it has gained a lot of buzz around the country,” he said. “It is a film we hope people in Columbus will discover.”

Frank said the film is really far out there, but thinks Columbus is going to support it.

Interestingly enough, Frank has never viewed “The Room” but has heard praise from customers and employees.

“I am very excited to see it,” he said. “It’s a film, like the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ that is a zillion times better with an audience, than on DVD.”

For more information on “The Room”, visit its official Web site theroommovie.com.

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