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btw’s entertainment of the week: the ‘throwback’

The theme this week is the “throwback.” These days, people are getting less and less creative with their art and simply reincarnating past brilliance. That being said, there are some people that are able to pull off the “throwback.” So, here are my favorites and my most hated.


No. 1 “Sugar Pill”

Lately I have been obsessed with a video by The Bravery for their song “Sugar Pill.” The song is off the album, “Stir the Blood,” that was released Tuesday.

The album, The Bravery’s third, is very reminiscent of ‘80s synthesized rock. The video, directed by the band’s bass player Mike Hindert, is also reminiscent of something from a couple decades ago, with subdued tones mixed with neon imagery in the cartoon figures. Not to mention, it’s just an awesome song in general.

No. 2 Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Best of the Decade’ issue


Entertainment Weekly has put together their “Best of the Decade” issue and it comes out today. Wow, who doesn’t love a Johnny Depp cover photo? Can’t wait to grab my copy later today hot off the racks at Giant Eagle.

So other than the obvious Pirate movies (hence the Johnny Depp cover,) what are your favorites from the last decade?

I vote The Office for TV show and Maroon 5 for best new band.

No. 3 Lady Gaga

She might be crazy, but the girl is catchy. Her album “The Fame” has taken over my iPod since early summer and no matter how many times I listen to “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” it still makes me want to hop on a plane and get back home to L.A.

Lady Gaga is a perfect throwback to David Bowie, Queen, Madonna and Michael Jackson all rolled into one.

No. 4 Tiger Woods’ lady drama

This whole drama, while annoying, is a perfect throwback to the Kobe saga circa 2003. It’s getting juicier and juicier and tabloids are going to be all over it for weeks. Count me out though; let the man do what he wants. Just like Kobe, it’s really none of our business what Tiger wants to do in his free time.


No. 5 Adam Lambert

By now you’ve probably seen a clip of Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards. Although he claims to just be expressing himself, Lambert’s performance was a pathetic attempt at throwback to Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s racy Video Music Awards performance in 2003.

He even admitted to it when speaking with a reporter from the L.A. Times:


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