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Web site finds money for students

A new internet tool called SweepstakesHub.com allows students to access a database of financial aid offers for free.

The Web site has links to offers for college grants, scholarships and internships. Stuart Arkin, the co-founder and chief operating officer of the site, said it is perfect for students who are strapped for cash.
“We recognize firsthand the scarcity of jobs for top professionals, no less college graduates,” Arkin said. “Students are usually broke all the time, especially in this economy, and are looking for ways to avoid asking their parents for money.”

The Web site includes offers for college money and also features offers for sweepstakes, contests and other giveaways. It is divided into three sections called “hubs” that users can search through. The “Education Hub” is for financial aid offers, the “GreenSweeps Hub” is for offers from eco-friendly companies, and the Sports and Celebrity Hub includes offers from famous people. The user-friendly layout of the site sets SweepstakesHub.com apart from the competition, Arkin said. He also said the Web site yields more reliable results than other pages.

“Search engines are inefficient because the Internet is a very big place with many things going on,” Arkin said. “The Web is crammed with offers, 99 percent of which are not what most people are looking for when they look for sweepstakes, scholarships or giveaways.”

According to Ohio State’s Office of Academic Affairs, three-fourths of students received some form of aid during the 2007-2008 school year. The average student received $2,300.

Daniel Tedder, a junior in computer and information science, said he used the school’s site to look for aid.

“Searching the OSU Web site was a bit confusing,” Tedder said. “I would have liked a Web site like that to make the searching easier.”
Arkin said SweepstakesHub.com will make the search for aid easier for students like Tedder.

“Internet users will use our Web site because they want to easily find the best offers from the best brands. Period.” 

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