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A letter to Tiger Woods

Nice try, Tiger.

That “press release” apology was less than amusing and far from convincing.

Sure, you admit that you are a disappointment, but you are more than a disappointment; you are a disgrace.

You apologized to your fans, co-workers and the millions of children who look up to you, but they do not accept.

Your foundation provided hope and education to millions of children, children who no longer look to you as a role model, but as a failure.

They will no longer cheer for you or support you.

We no longer have to question who you are. The media has exposed the true you.
You have the audacity to blame the media for the explosive controversy concerning your affairs. The media is not at fault, though. You are.

I’m sorry the media is following your children to school and stalking your wife. You should have considered how the ramifications of your actions would affect your family. You exposed your family to the public eye and it is your job to protect them, not the media’s.     

You claim that your wife does not deserve blame, but deserves praise. I agree.

By no means are your extramarital affairs her fault, and on the same note she deserves more than praise. She deserves respect.

Who deemed you worthy of playing by these “different rules”?

You claim that you deserve to enjoy temptations because of money and fame. What you deserve is a one-bedroom apartment just big enough for you to write child support checks from. Your repeated irresponsibility has proven that you have blatant disregard for your wife, children, mother and friends, not to mention your sponsors and loyal fans.  

Instead of convincing yourself that the rules do not apply to you, try convincing yourself that one day your children will be old enough to understand this, with the hope that they forgive you. You put your needs above the needs of your family, and for that they may never forgive you.

The shame you have brought to your family will fade but will never disappear.

Take another good long look at yourself. I hope you see that your lying and cheating has earned you nothing but disgust.

Making amends? We just hope you don’t repeat those mistakes.

You say it is not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. You have achieved a lot, but you sure as hell have a lot to overcome.

You are correct. When setting an example, character and decency are what really count.

Your character will forever be tarnished and you have shown you have no decency.

Go back to your Buddhist ways. Stop following every impulse and restrain instead.

An indefinite leave of absence from golf is the understatement of the year. You can’t possibly be considering playing in the Masters in April, let alone at all this year.

It doesn’t matter how great of a player you are; you have single-handedly destroyed your character and furthermore your career. Do us all a favor and retire from golf all together.

You have wasted more skill than any other one person. You bring nothing to the game but shame.

If you want your family, fans and the media to make room in our hearts to believe you, make your apology concrete.

As hard as it may be to express sincere regret in a press conference apology, the true testament to your apology with be followed by your actions.

That is why I’d like to see you remove yourself from the golf course long enough to prove to your wife that you love her and are committed to fixing your family.

Endless therapy is a good start, but spend every waking moment with your family. Show your wife that she is more important than therapy, golf and other women. 

The public may one day believe that you are truly sorry, but by no means will we cheer for you again.

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