The OSU Fashion Production Association will present its 17th annual student-designed fashion show in the Ohio Union Ballroom Saturday evening.

The show will feature 60 garments by 27 student designers.

This year, the theme is “Pictures at an Exhibition.” The title comes from a piece of classical music, but the club interpreted it differently. The students used different art movements as inspiration for their designs.

The periods of artwork are separated into four acts within the show.

The first is dedicated to impressionist painting, which refers to anything light and fluffy, said Nancy Rudd, the club’s adviser. The second is urban art, which Rudd said was anything but light and fluffy and included bold colors and graffiti. The third is dedicated to sculpture, which means all garments in this act will have 3-D aspects, and the fourth is black-and-white photography.

“If you’ve seen Project Runway, this is more exciting than that,” Rudd said. “It will be more than just garments.”

The runway show will feature two dance acts and will be constantly changing with different types of music, lighting and backgrounds.

Prior to the show, the club will hold a silent auction for an Ohio State-themed canvas that is autographed by the basketball team. The proceeds will benefit Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Directly following the show, there will be a reception in which guests can meet the designers with their student models.

A production as large as this takes months of planning by the adviser, the designers and the production crew.

“It’s sort of like giving birth,” Rudd said, laughing. The club began planning this during the second week of Autumn quarter, which was nearly nine months ago.

The show allows the designers to work in three dimensions, rather than the hand and computer-aided design they are used to. It also contributes to their portfolios, as they actually drape their clothing and fit it to a specific consumer, Rudd said.

“Employers are glad to see a wide variety of experiences for the designers,” said Rudd. “It benefits them professionally and personally.”

The club is excited about its first runway show in the new Ohio Union, especially for the chandeliers and the LED light capability. Without a union to house the show, the past two shows have been held in the RPAC and at an art gallery, which was a standing exhibition.
Saturday’s show will begin at 6:30 p.m. and last until approximately 7:30 p.m.