Anticipating the upcoming summer weather, Jack Johnson’s new album “To the Sea” sends a take-a-drive-during-sunset-with-the-windows-and-sunroof-down vibe to the ear.

There is no question that this is a Jack Johnson album. The new album is still shaped by his Hawaiian heritage. He has not drifted from his signature ukulele. His distinct voice and elementary lyrics bring nothing new to his fifth album.

Since his debut album “Brushfire Fairytales,” not much has changed in Johnson’s music. In the past nine years, he has continued to put out the same pop-acoustic sound that he prevails at.

The album’s maiden song “You and Your Heart” is its first single and peaked at No. 20 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It might be the most riveting song on the album, bringing to it what, compared to the album’s other songs, would be considered edge. “At or With Me” is also seemingly more ambitious than the remaining 11 mundane tracks.

Jack Johnson followers will be happy with the new album because it remains consistent with his preceding music. Anyone who is not already a fan should not be surprised to see that “To the Sea” has not drifted far from any of those.