DJ Self Help’s newest album “Bubblegum Bangers” will keep listeners moving, but only for a short amount of time.

The album only consists of six songs, so listeners get just a taste of his urban/electronic mixes.

The album begins with a fast dance track called “Dreamore,” which is arguably the only song worth listening to on the entire album. The album ends with a steady mellow track entitled “Sea of Love,” which sounds similar to the previous four with the addition of a consistent humming beat.

After the first song, the remaining five are slightly disappointing. Listeners will probably anticipate more club-worthy tracks — but on the contrary, ladies and gentlemen.

Self Help mixes new electronic flair with old school beats that could be slightly difficult to dance to. The album resonates more with cruising than clubbing.

It would be safe to say that DJ Self Help would do well to drop tracks that were similar to “Dreamore” if he wanted to have a sustainable fan base, but with creativity comes new innovations and with new innovations come style risks.

“Bubblegum Bangers” is an album worth listening to, if only for the first track and to form a personal opinion about the album and DJ Self Help’s style in general.