Described as “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” Dayglow brought a new element to the dance floor on Friday — 3-D glasses.

Dayglow started in Florida in 2006 as a college tradition, but the party experience was recently heightened with 3-D.

“The 3-D glasses made it look cool,” said Egon Bohler, a second-year in international business and first-time Dayglow attendee.

There was no need for them, however, as gallons of paint sprayed from air tubes and spilled from plastic paint containers into a pit of dancers who jumped, bumped and swayed to the sounds of disc jockeyss David Solano, Alexandre Marc and DJ AXCESS.

The event, which was originally scheduled to take place at the Bar of Modern Art, was relocated on Oct. 16. Because of the size of the event, the event was moved to

The Mansion, located on West Main Street. The sold-out venue accommodated a mostly younger audience.

People were forced to sway with the crowd as full-body contact on all sides was inevitable.  

“Too many tickets were sold,” Bohler said. “It was hard to get anywhere in the place.”

This was a sentiment shared by many who groaned as they struggled to get out of the hot pit to a cooler place.  

“I pretty much got harassed on the dance floor,” said Jack Herrera, a second-year in civil engineering and first-time attendee.

The discomfort was not enough to damper his opinion of the paint experience, though.

Near the end of the night, a man on stilts gave a performance. He was dressed in black pants, a tight, red, glimmering spandex shirt that covered his head and an “Iron Man” mask covering his face.

With glow-in-the-dark paint and popular tunes, the party went on strong until the end. Water was free at the bar, and the bartenders sprayed some people with water to rinse them off throughout the night.

Most people left with a glowing smile on their faces.