He’s all about being at the right place at the right time, and Saturday’s 38-14 victory over the Nittany Lions was no exception for wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher.

Sanzenbacher’s only catch of the game came with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s 58-yard pass, intended for wide receiver DeVier Posey, was deflected by the Nittany Lions’ double coverage and landed in the hands of Sanzenbacher as he crossed the goal line.

“I expected (Posey) to go up and get it to be honest because I’ve seen him do it 1,000 times,” Sanzenbacher said. “I just wanted to put myself in position that if it didn’t happen maybe I could get a tip-off, and it came right to me.”

Posey said he knew Sanzenbacher was on the route but didn’t know he was right next to him, he said.

“I thought I came down with it, but the defensive player knocked it out,” Posey said. “I heard the roar and looked up and saw Dane with it in the end zone. I threw him an alley-oop today.”

Sanzenbacher said, “I can’t take too much credit for it. It bounced right to me, so I mean, sometimes you get lucky I guess.”

As the cliché goes, is it better to be lucky or good?

Sanzenbacher said sometimes it’s better to be lucky.